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The baby grows up fastly every day after born. Its master ability is also increasing soon. Babies start to learn feeding after 6 months. It’s important to choose the best baby bowl for babies. Which kind of silicone bowl we should choose for the baby?

What are the best baby bowls?

colorful silicone baby bowl
Baby bowl

The best baby bowls should be safe to fulfill foods. They are not only for eating but also should have beautiful styles. Because good-looking tableware can attract the baby’s attention at first sight. The silicone bowls are with good functions, food-safe materials, and attractive shapes & colors. The good baby bowl is durable, it can train baby feeding by themselves, and parents can have a meal or do other works peacefully.

We can choose baby bowls from three different factors: 1.function, 2. material, 3. appearance.

Best baby bowl Functions

Useful functions are necessary for baby use the bowls more convenient.

1. Suction function

Babies are active, even during mealtime. The bowl with suction function can help much. The glossy bottom can suck to the table firmly, then baby can’t move the bowls easily by itself. There are also silicone plates and placemats with suction function. So the suction function is a pretty practical design. We are happy to suggest the popular Baby silicone Suction Bowl to the lovely babies. And also the waterproof silicone bibs are useful to keep their cloth clean and dry.

2. Heat-protect function

Some stainless steel bowls are equipped with water injection and heat-protect functions. The inner layer is stainless steel and the outer layer is plastic. There is a vacuum layer in the middle for water injection. You can inject cold water or hot water to keep the suit temperature. Compared to that, the silicone bowl is heating insulation. It can protect the heating well. Warm food is better for the baby’s stomach.

3. with drinking straw

Some bowl is with a straw, which can feed the baby liquid foods, fruit & vegetable juice, and other flowing foods. The silicone straw can help baby drinking quickly. Then we should take care to choose a suction bottom bowl, that can avoid bowl be struck down.

There are various functions of bowls. Parents can estimate which function may be more likely to be used daily, and then choose the best bowl. We suggest this suction silicone bowl with a straw to you.

How to Choose baby bowl material

The safe material is very important to protect the baby’s health. We can’s bear any harmful material that affects the baby’s health. So let’s study what bowl materials are used in the market commonly.

1. Plastic

The plastic is the most common material used in the baby dinnerware. Plastic is made of polymer compounds such as polyethylene or polypropylene. And also add some colorants, solvents or plasticizers, to make colorful bowls. This chemical substance is bad for the baby’s health.

The advantages of plastic dinner are heat resistant, difficult to drop broken, non-deformation, smooth feel, and light texture. Babies can feed by themselves. But it is difficult to clean, the oil and grease are easy to stick on the plastic.

2. Stainless steel

The durability of stainless steel bowl is better, it will anti-corroded, anti-rust naturally, won’t crack. But, the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is too good, the food temperature is easy to pass to the hand. The food will cold soon. In addition, stainless steel tableware may with heavy metal. It’s difficult to control the quality, bad quality is harmful to the baby’s health.

3. Ceramic and glass bowl

Ceramic and glass bowls are good for health. But it is too easy to break and is not suitable for babies, because falling bowls are interesting for babies. Sharp ceramic fragments may hurt the babies, so it is not good

4. Natural bowls

At present, natural bamboo or solid wood is very popular. Because there is no chemical substance incorporated, there is no toxicity, and natural materials are light, waterproof, and non-perishable. They are good choices, but they are prone to mold. We should pay attention to the disinfection treatment. Nature bamboo and wood bowls can’t resist too high-temperature and easy to crack.

5. Silicone dinnerware

The 100% food-grade silicone is safe for the baby’s health. It’s durable, easy to clean, waterproof, difficult to drop or tear broken. It is bendable, and easy to recover the shape. The silicone bowl with lid also has good thermal insulation for daily use.

After study all the above bowl materials, we can judge which is the best baby bowl. We have a conclusion as following:

  1. High-quality plastic or silicone bowl is good.
  2. Want to cool food soon, choose a high-quality stainless steel bowl.
  3. Try to avoid fragile ceramic tableware and glass bowls for babies
  4. Natural tableware can be selected and needs to be disinfected regularly.
  5. The silicone bowls are the best baby bowls, they are durable, easy to clean, microwave safe.

We also list the characters as follows,

Plastic bowlStainless steel bowlCeramic, Glass BowlBamboo, wood bowlsSilicone bowls
Food-Safe materialNot sure ×Not sure × Yes √Yes √Yes √
Durable or FragileDurable  √Durable √Fragile ×Durable  √Durable  √
Heat ResistYes √No × No × Yes √Yes √
Easy to cleanNo × Yes √Yes √No × Yes √
Resist MildewNo × Yes √Yes √No × Yes √
Microwave safeonly PP is okNo × only heat-resist is okNo × Yes √
Flexible FoldableNo × No × No × No × Yes √
ChewableNo × No × No × No × Yes √

baby bowl shapes and colors

The higher appearance can attract the baby’s sight, this can help the baby training feed and have better meal motion. So we will consider better baby bowl shapes and colors.

1. baby bowl shapes

In order to attract the baby’s attention, the bowl shape can have many patterns, including animal, puppet shapes. And parents need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Make sure that there are not too many bumps on the edges of the baby bowl. That prevents dirt and breeding bacteria, and also protect the baby from being hurt by edges and corners
  • The surface should be smooth and free of burrs to ensure that it will not hurt the baby.
  • Whether the baby bowl is easy to grasp so that the baby can eat independently.

2. Baby bowl colors

The colors of the baby’s bowls are very rich. There are one or more colors basically. Some people may say, shouldn’t we choose a bowl with less color? Here you should also consider the source of the bowl’s color. If it includes lead, the less color is better, none is best. If it is a natural pigment, it does not matter, because that won’t cause harm to the human body.

The other factor we should care, whether the color will fade. Some bowls will have cartoon patterns on them. It is best to choose the bowl with the colored outside, Keep the inside clean.

Conclusion: we introduce how to choose the best baby bowls. We should consider the 3 factors: 1.function, 2. material, 3. appearance. The silicone bowls are the best baby bowls with good functions, food-safe materials, and attractive shapes & colors. Siliconeuse is a professional silicone manufacturer, we provide high-quality, wholesale cheap price and one-stop OEM/ODM service. Welcome to your inquiries.

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