How to clean silicone bowl

The baby silicone bowls and plates are durable dinnerware designed especially for kids. They are 100% food-grade, non-toxic, and free of BPA. They can resist high temperatures, and tough, and won’t break when tear and drop to the floor.

They are very convenient to use for several years. We want to share how to clean the silicone bowl.

Clean before first use

The silicone bowl is made of high-quality silicone. Silicone is a natural material but needs a chemical vulcanizing agent. Most chemical substances will volatilize in the high-temperature pressure machine and after-process. But it’s necessary to do a complete clean before first use.

  • Clean by the water then disinfect in the steam.
  • Heating in the oven to volatilize the water and some chemical molecules for 10-15 Mins, keep the heating temperature about 150~200 ℃
  • Then take out the silicone bakeware from the oven (take care to protect your fingers, by wearing silicone oven mitts), then keep the silicone bowls at flow air for 1-2 hours. Release residual smells.
  • Then we can store the silicone bowls in the dry case, to avoid the silicone material absorbing the dust in the air.

Non-stick Easy to clean

The silicone bowls and plates are made of high-quality silicone material. They are non-stick and easy to clean. Sometimes we can use a clean wet towel to wrap them. Flush them in running water. Then wrap again. They are waterproof, non-stick, and easy to clean.

Hot water and dish soap

When there’s some oil, or cream stuck on the plates, we can use hot water and soap to clean them. The oil is active when in hot water and soap. Then it’s very easy to clean.

Clean the corner of the silicone dinnerware

The silicone bowl is with a one-piece design. That’s better to clean. We still need to pay attention to cleaning the corners of dinnerware. We can use the brush to clean the dirt in the corner.

Dishwasher safe

The silicone bowls and plates are durable, they are dishwasher safe, Just put them on the shelf of the dishwasher. That can save our time to do washing automatically.

Types of Silicone dinnerware

Avoid cleaning with abrasives

Don’t clean the silicone dinnerware with abrasives, that will damage the surface of the silicone bowls or plates. This will remove the non-stick properties of the pan. When there’s some hard dirt on the bowl, we can soak it in the hot water for a long time. Wait until the dirty softens, then it’s easy to clean with the soft towel or the soft silicone sponge.


The high-quality silicone bowl is made of non-stick silicone. We should do cleaning completely before first use. We can’t use the abrasives to do the cleaning. That will hurt the non-stick silicone dinnerware surface.

We suggest our silicone baby dinnerware for your reference. Welcome to your inquiries.

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