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Silicone products mean silicone rubber products, The silicone production methods include silicone compression molding production and injection molding production. compression molding to produce solid silicone, and injection molding to produce liquid silicone rubber.

Mold Tool prepare

Before processing the silicone products, we should have a mold tool. There are different kinds of mold tools.

Mold tool design

Before processing the silicone products, we should confirm the mold tool depends on the customer’s demand. We have our own CNC workshop to process the customized mold. That can respond to customers quickly, provide professional suggestions, and keep commercial confidentiality.

We need the 3D CAD files for mold making. When you have completed mold drawings or 3D models, please send us the file type in Solidworks, Ages, or Step formats. Our experienced engineers will review your project and make certain recommendations.

  • The mold can realize bulk production for long-term service and easy maintenance at a low cost.
  • Few material wastages. The mechanical pressure will deform the mold shape, especially expressed in the salient joint line. We have the standard inspection on production control and will maintain the mold timely.
  • Free mold maintenance. Before the order, we have skillful mold suggestions and clear mold offer details, that will make the service clear and no future worry. Some mold is freely maintained for all lifetime.

Also, we will suggest the suit mold material to you, The tool material includes Aluminum, Copper, and High-hardness Steel.

  • When making the new product samples, we will suggest using the cost of Aluminum to confirm the samples.
  • Copper mold tools can make thousands of pieces of products. Standard inspection and necessary timely maintenance will increase the mold service time and reduce the cost.
  • High-hardness Stainless steel can process a large number of silicone products at one time. The mold is much more expensive than copper, but it’s more precise to save material and high efficiency to lower the production cost.

Produce Silicone Products

Silicone Material Mix and Mill

Before compression molding, We will choose the suit silicone raw material, and mix it together with color pigment, filler, and vulcanizing agent. Then process the mixer in the mixing mill machine with the rollers completely. Complete mixing is an essential condition for the curing of silicone during molding production.


Before the production, we will confirm the molding tool, silicone product shape & net weight. Then we will calculate the net weight of the material, to use in each mold cavity. Now we will cut the silicone mixture to a suitable shape and precise net weight. Less material will cause the product defect. Excess material will cause too much waste.

Place the silicone material into the mold

Place each piece of silicone material in each cavity of the compression mold tool. The precisely cut silicone material will be carefully placed into each cavity of the tool mold to ensure enough silicone materials fill into the cavities. Then we go on with compression molding production.

Silicone compression molding production

Then we will set the silicone mold in the compression molding machine and turn on the machine. The high temperature and pressure will catalyze the vulcanizing molding. The silicone material will be cured during the vulcanizing molding. Then come out well-shaped silicone products.


Using the blower gun can easily de-mold the silicone products from the mold. And just now we suggest we cut a little more silicone material to avoid defective products. So the shaped silicone components will come out together with excess material which we call flash. Take the silicone product with flash out of the mold carefully, and clean the mold with blower guns for the next molding process.

Silicone flash

A silicone flash is a thin flap of material at the parting line at the mold splits. In the high temperature and high pressure of the silicone vulcanizing machine, the silicone will have low viscosity when heating and curing. The pressurized silicone material will flow to every space in the cavity of the tool mold.

Silicone flash is the waste material during compression molding production. It can be minimized with optimal designs, precision tooling, and accurate material weight during vulcanizer molding production. Flash will be removed by hand and reused.

All silicone parts will have a flash line in the mold tool, which creates a small amount of silicone flash (less than 0.3mm) remaining, we call it a parting line. Many clients will have a high demand for product appearance. We will suggest better mold optimization, high mechanical strength tool material, and strict product & tooling inspection.

We are a professional manufacturer to produce high-quality silicone rubber products, We can provide a one-stop service for mold tool design and process, silicone product products. Welcome to your inquiry. And follows we share some perfect Silicone Rubber products:

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