Silicone Baby Teething Toys Infant Rattling Teether Soothing Pacifier, Mushroom

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  • Rattle the bell, which can attract your baby’s attention.
  • The product is non-sticky and tasteless.
  • One-piece molding can be turned into a cup.
  • There is a suction cup at the bottom, which can firmly suck the film, not easy to dump, and is clean and hygienic.
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Product Description:

Suitable age:Baby over 3 months

Product size: 6.5*12cm

Shelf life:10 years


FDA food certified product, 70% medical silica gel, bisphenol A free.

Disinfection method

Can be sterilized in high temperature water, steam, dishwasher, etc. within 5 minutes.


1. The simulation design of the breast nipple makes the baby feel safe when eating, and the deep comfort is really better than the pacifier.

2. Although it is thin, it can withstand nibbling, sucking, pulling, a thin layer, the thickness is less than 0.5 mm, super soft 70 degrees silicone, to ensure that the product is tough enough.

3. Three-dimensional hollow design, the baby’s pressing has a rebound and strong interaction.

4. Mushroom-shaped pillar design pacifier, need baby’s small hand to hold, exercise the small hand grasping ability.

5. The suction cup function at the bottom can be firmly sucked on the surface, making it a toy for children.


During the first high-temperature disinfection, part of the package will volatilize the residual aftertaste. Wait 1-2 hours before using it. After the second time, it will be ready to use.

Note that the internal bell needs to be taken out when boiling and disinfecting.

Product Name

Baby Rattle Teether Trainer


100% food-grade silicone


protect fingers to hold a hot plate or pans from the baking oven, microwave.


Blue+PP transparent packing box, Green+PP transparent packing box, Pink+PP transparent packing box




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