Baby Teether Gloves Molar Stick Silicone Toy

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  • What’s Included: Soothing Teething Mitten × 2Pcs
  • Food grade silicone
  • Soothing gloves for self-entertainment
  • Adjustable hook and loop promoter
  • Machine washable/dryable 
  • Easy access to baby teeth
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Product Description:

1. Material: food grade silicone, PP sound film, anti-drop design & knitted mesh (without bisphenol A, lead and known harmful substances), non-latex products, will not cause allergies to babies and children, you can use it with confidence!

2. The soft silicone material can massage the gums, relieve teething discomfort, and help the baby’s deciduous teeth to grow up healthily.

3. A variety of candy-colored teether can exercise the baby’s visual chasing ability, and the special PP sound film can make a slight noise, which can attract the child’s attention.

4. Effectively help the baby to solve the bad habit of gnawing things and biting fingers, and accompany the baby through the oral sensitivity period.

Teething gloves are an innovative baby teether, with food-grade soft silicone, wrinkling sound, adjustable hook and loop straps, which can help babies entertain themselves, reduce toothache gums and protect babies from scratches.

Weight30 g
Product Name

Baby Teether Gloves Molar Stick Silicone Toy


100% food-grade silicone + cotton


protect fingers to hold a hot plate or pans from the baking oven, microwave.


Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow




We can design as your demand

25 reviews for Baby Teether Gloves Molar Stick Silicone Toy

  1. Lynne

    Ideal for outdoor activities, it will keep you warm without getting your hands wet.

  2. Zaire

    Really love the fact that these gloves come in a lot of color options.

  3. Lindsay Barrett

    The sizing of the gloves was very accurate and I had no trouble finding my size.

  4. Connie

      The quality of this silicone glove is really good, and the wholesale price is also very affordable, very satisfied.

  5. Andrea Valdez

      The wholesale price is so cheap, and the quality is still very good. I am very satisfied with this silicone glove.

  6. Edith

      This silicone glove is really easy to use, and the wholesale price here is very cost-effective, satisfied.

  7. Cynthia Cummings

      It is very comfortable to use, and the wholesale price is also particularly favorable, super value.

  8. David C. Gross

      This silicone glove is really practical, and the wholesale price is so cheap.

  9. Marcus Twin

    This is the second glove. The quality is good and the price is right.

  10. Carol C

    I checked. Everything corresponds to the description. Thanks.

  11. Lorraine P

    I love gloves. The hot flowers or grates in the smokehouse can be carried freely without worrying about being scalded.

  12. Jamie

    Large size, left and right, interchangeable. Good for grilling.

  13. Laura

    Quite satisfied

  14. Indira

    Smell of plastic.

  15. J. A. Sims

    Very well worth the money.

  16. Cassandra

    Very well worth the money.

  17. Amanda

    Good quality.

  18. Zohar

    Good service.

  19. Henry

    The product is firmly packed.

  20. Aadarsh

    Good service.

  21. Richard

    Very fast delivery.

  22. Richard

    Very well worth the money.

  23. Michael

    Good quality.

  24. Dominic

    Very fast delivery.

  25. Ryker

    Good quality.

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