Ice Cream Mold

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  • Cute design ice cream molds
  • Funny & easy DIY ice cream & popsicle
  • Non-stick, flexible easy to wash
  • 100% food-grade silicone material protect health
  • Durable, reusable and eco-friendly
  • Super quality manufacturer welcomes OEM/ODM orders
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Ice cream mold description

This ice cream mold is made of high-quality silicone. The silicone can keep flexible below the freezing point. They are non-stick and easy to make ice cream at home. And the silicone is food-grade, non-toxic, free of BPA. The cute and fashion design is perfect for DIV ice cream at home. That a good toy for children to make ice cream by themselves.

The silicone molds are better than plastic molds. Plastic is rigid, easy to broken when twisting them. Silicone can resist large-range temperature, they are flexible, durable and non-stick. Easy to pick out the ice cream from the silicone mold. The silicone molds are safe to use in the freezer and can be disinfected in the boiled.

The silicone ice cream mold is made of pure super-quality silicone. The silicone can resist -40~230℃ temperature and they are safe to use in a baking oven, microwave, and freezer. Same as silicone muffin panssilicone baking cupssilicone bags, they are durable, reusable and eco-friendly. The silicone pan is non-stick, flexible and easy to pick out the ice cream.

Advantages of the silicone ice cream mold

Cute ice cream molds

There’re different cute shapes includes kitty head, heart, smile face, paw, food, and ordinary popsicle molds. They are made of high-quality good grade silicone, soft and durable.

Non-stick and easy to wash

The silicone ice cream molds are better than plastic. Our flexible molds are made of durable silicone. 

Our silicone molds are made with high-gloss finish technology. This makes the silicone slots surface non-porous for added non-stick properties. These flexible molds are non-stick and easy to pick out the ice cream. And the molds are flexible and durable, very easy to clean and disinfect by boiled water.

Funny DIY ice cream by the silicone mold

It’s very fun and easy to DIY ice cream at home.

  • Prepare the fruit, fruit juice, yogurt, chocolate cream, and material as you like.
  • Fix the stick in the silicone mold, then fill in the fruit or juice in the mold.
  • Put the filled mold in the freezer for more than 4 hours,

You can add fresh fruit or fruit juice in the mold, match different colors, then you will get a colorful beautiful popsicle. They also are a nice toy for kids, it is healthier to make ice pop at home. The silicone ice cream mold can DIY the ice cream at home. That’s safe and we don’t worry about the additive in the ice cream that buys outside.

100% food-grade silicone material

BPA free silicone molds are 100% safe and effective to make ice cream. The silicone molds are easy to clean quickly and they’re dishwasher safe. It’s good to protect every family’s health. The silicone mold is non-toxic and BPA free, which is definitely safe for your health.

  • 100% Food-grade silicone, PBA free, non-corrosive, non-toxic
  • Silicone resists -40~230℃
  • Easy to clean and store: Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer all OK.
  • Durable, Unbreakable for many years

Conclusion: The silicone ice cream mold is made of 100% food-grade silicone material. That can resist wide-range temperature, and they are freezer, microwave safe. It’s non-stick and easy to pick out the ice cream from the mold in the perfect shape. They are durable, reusable and eco-friendly, help to save material and protect our earth.

The silicone products are more and more popular in the market, welcome to your inquiry. We have plenty of storage and can accept OEM orders. Thanks.

Product Name

ice cream mold


Food grade silicone


pink, blue


Free Sample


LOGO, Color, Package is ok


We can design as your demand




Opp Bag, Paper box or Customized


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Bear paw blue [send 20 sticks], Bear paw pink [send 20 sticks], Cat face blue [send 20 sticks], Cat face pink [send 20 sticks], Feet blue [send 20 sticks], Feet pink [send 20 sticks], Love Blue [Send 20 Wooden Sticks], Love pink [send 20 sticks], Oval blue [send 20 sticks], Oval pink [send 20 sticks], Smiley blue [send 20 sticks], Smiley pink [send 20 sticks], Striped wood blue [send 20 sticks], Striped woven pink [send 20 sticks], Torch blue [send 20 sticks], Torch pink [send 20 sticks]

13 reviews for Ice Cream Mold

  1. Frances

      The cost of this ice tray is low, and the price is very cheap, super cost-effective.

  2. Jeanne Donnelly

      The silicone material is excellent in workmanship, the price is very good, and it is very practical.

  3. barndt

      The price is cheap, the quality is good, and the most important thing is that the silicone material is very environmentally friendly.

  4. Camille

      This silicone ice tray is made of high-quality materials and the price is so cheap, it is worth buying.

  5. Alisa

      The capacity is suitable, not too much space is wasted, and the wholesale price is also very good.

  6. Charles Wheeland

      The capacity is large enough, the quality is good, and the price is affordable. I like it very much.

  7. Stanley

      The texture is good, it is very convenient to use, and it is easy to clean. The price-performance ratio is super high.

  8. Kimberly Hayes

      This silicone ice tray is really the king of cost performance, cheap price and good quality.

  9. Nathaniel

    Very well worth the money.

  10. Yvonne

    Cheap price

  11. Regina

    Cheap price

  12. Clare

    Durable ice cream mold for home use. thanks

  13. David

    Cool ice maker, soft mold easy to push out the ice. help to make cold drinks at home. Very nice.

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