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  • Siliconeuse Ice Cube Trays Silicone Set of 2, Sphere Ice Ball Maker with Lid and Large Square Ice Cube Molds for Whiskey, Reusable and BPA Free
  • Can make square ice cubes and ice ball cubes
  • 100% food-grade silicone material safe for meals
  • Resistant to dust, durable, impervious and easy to clean.
  • Welcome custom OEM Pantone colors, embossed logo design
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Silicone ice cube maker description:

Silicone ice cube maker is made by 100% food-grade silicone. Our silicone ice maker set includes 1 x Ice Ball Tray (make 6 ice balls) and 1 x Ice Cube Tray (make 6 ice cube). They can make large size ice. ball Diameter: 4.5cm /1.77”, Ice cubes: 5.1cm / 2”.

The silicone is food-safe, non-toxic,  free of BPA, FDA approved. It’s flexible, easy to twist out the ice cube. Durable and can be used thousands of times. This ice maker is similar to the silicone baking mold.

Ice Cube Maker

How is the advantage of the silicone ice cube maker?

Big size Ice Cube Maker

Our square ice maker creates 6 giant cubes at 2 inches side length each. Imagine the size, big ice slowly melting, making them ideal for your Old Fashioned, Scotch Whisky, Bourbon or Blended Whiskey. Perfect for chilling your cocktail glass. our ice ball maker creates 6 ice balls. Use them to cool your craft cocktails, iced cold brew coffee, popsicles, infused mint for Mojitos, or frozen lemonade.

Non-stick and flexible ice trays

The plastic is rigid and easy to broken, especially when at freezing temperatures. But our flexible ice trays are made of durable silicone. The silicone is still soft when at freezing temperatures. These flexible ice molds can be easily twisted or pop out ice cubes when push on the tray bottom.

100% food-grade silicone

Our silicone ice trays are 100% food-safe and effective at freezing liquids like fruit juice, soup, and even baby food. Better yet, each tray is easy to clean off quickly and they’re dishwasher safe.

  • 100% Food-grade silicone, PBA free, non-corrosive, non-toxic
  • Silicone resists -40~230℃
  • Easy to clean and store: Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer all OK.
  • Durable, Unbreakable for many years

Durable, Easy to clean, Reusable and eco-friendly

The silicone is durable, unbreakable and difficult to tear broken. It’s also easy to clean by warm water and in the dishwasher. We can reuse them at home, bar shop or factory for many times in many years. It can save material and money, eco-friendly.

Enjoy the drink with the ice cube

When we have a drink, like a cola, juice, cocktail, cold coffee, Whisky, the ice cube or ice ball can help to cold the drink. That can help to cool your body soon. Slow-melting big ice balls and squares from Ice cube makers improve the taste.

Alternative ice cube maker for your choice

This ice cube maker has a square and a ball ice cube for choice. And we also have other ice makers for your reference. Silicone small size ice cube, and 4 cavity ice cube ball tray

These silicone molds are more and more popular in the market. We welcome the OEM orders for both Pantone colors, embossed logo, print images or similar mold shape. Thanks.

Product Name

silicone Ice cube maker


100% Food grade silicone


Free Sample


New design, LOGO, Color, Package is ok




Two (2) Silicone Ice Cube Trays 1 x Ice Ball Tray 1 x Ice Cube Tray in opp bag


Ice Cube Tray: 115g Ice Ball Tray: 190g


Ice Cube Tray: 16.5x 11x 5.5cm Ice Ball Tray: 18.5x 13x 4.5cm


Ice Cube Trays Silicone Set of 2



14 reviews for Ice cube maker

  1. Kim N

      Moderate capacity, affordable price, very practical silicone ice tray.

  2. Zoetic Atlantis

      This ice tray is really cheap and good, and the workmanship is good, the price is very high.

  3. Blake Y.

      The capacity is suitable, not too much space is wasted, and the wholesale price is also very good.

  4. Brenda Romero

      I really like its appearance design, the capacity is large enough, and the wholesale price is very good.

  5. Cathy

      This ice tray is well-balanced both in workmanship and price. It is highly recommended.

  6. Darrin

      This price can be said to be very close to the people, and the quality is also great.

  7. Bianca Robinson

      This silicone ice tray is really good, the price is super value, and the quality is considerate.

  8. Mom

      The wholesale price is much cheaper than the retail price, and the quality is also very good, it is worth buying.

  9. Delilah

    Good quality.

  10. William

    Smell of plastic.

  11. Lena

    Good service.

  12. Tamber

    Very aesthetically pleasing to look at. Perfect for any drink and adds a touch of something special.

  13. Craig Burkett

    These are the best ice trays I have ever bought. We are fascinated by the ice in the family. They are not boring ice cubes. They are absolutely like talking things. The small round shape is perfect for my whiskey or bourbon whiskey crystal. glasses. If the ice cubes can be cute, then you can try using cute and challenging lol. . . I know they are more than other products on Amazon, but it is well worth it. You can pull the silicone out of the ice without worrying about damaging them. They are not fragile, and don’t break like my last one. They made me want to continue making ice….Thanks for the excellent product.

  14. Ronald

    A lot of my guests were drinking their adult beverages on the rocks, and this kept me from having to spend money on bags of ice.

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