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  • Portable, The baby has meals on a clean placemat.
  • Cloud and fashion design, kids love them
  • Training baby meals, non-slip silicone mat
  • Roll to save storage space
  • 100% food-grade silicone
  • Durable material, reusable and eco-friendly
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How are the kid’s placemats advantages?

Foldable and Portable for kids feeding outside

The kids placemats are made of 100% food-grade silicone. When we’re on the go and will have a meal, we can pick out the kid’s placemats. Just put the placemat on the table, we will be sure the kids will feeding at a clean and safe eating space. Choose this silicone portable placemat that can make the feeding time fun, enjoyable, safe and time-saving.

Cute Cloud and Raised Edges

The silicone kids’ placemat is with the cloud shape design. Most babies may like the cute cloud fantastic design.

And the lifted edge can help to keep most spills and small crumbs in the placemat. Especially sometimes liquid won’t pour everywhere. This can keep the table clean.

Silicone kids placemat cloud shape

Smooth and Anti-slip bottom

The silicone kids’ placemats are extremely smooth. They can suck firmly to the table and anti-slip. 

So when baby feeding, the placemat can hold the baby bowls, cups stable on the placemat. Help babies have a fun meal by themselves. That very good for baby training eating by themselves.

Multifunction Silicone kids placemats

We can use the kid’s silicone placemat as the dinner table mat. It’s easy to clean and reusable for every meal. We don’t need to buy a disposable placemat. The high-quality silicone is food safe. Good for baby training the meal by themselves. It’s eco-friendly. The 100% food-grade silicone can resist high temperatures. It’s good to protect our health. They are more and more popular.

Besides the kid’s silicone placemat, we also suggest the silicone spoonsilicone bibs, suction silicone bowl for the baby feeding. And for little baby, we suggest the pacifier feeder.

Easy to Clean & Store

The kid’s placemat is made from 100% food-grade silicone, non-toxic, free of BPA. It’s durable, reusable, and eco-friendly.

When using the kid’s silicone placemat, we should keep them extremely clean. It’s very easy for us the clean that. The silicone placemat is safe in the dishwasher. Then use the boiled water, microwave oven, disinfection to sterilize them. It can save time, and very clean to keep the baby’s good health.

The Silicone Sheet is Flexible, Non-Fading, Non-Staining, Clean with Cloth and Warm Soapy Water Wipe. Flexible and Lightweight, Easy to Fold or Roll Up, Takes up Minimal Space, Convenient to Store and Carry on.

Water-proof, Easy to clean and disinfect

The kid’s silicone placemat is water-proof, after use and clean it. We can hang it dry. So it’s anti-bacterial.

The durable silicone placemat

can resist high-temperature. It is reusable and eco-friendly. We can use the dishwasher to clean them. Then use the boiled water, microwave oven, disinfection to sterilize them.


Our cloud shape silicone kid’s placemat is food-safe, very useful for kids have meals. When food drops out on the mat, it’s clean for kids to pick it up and eat. The lifted edge can collect the food and liquid perfectly. This can train the kids feeding by themselves.

And when put the silicone bowl on the placemat, the silicone bowl can suck tightly on the placemat. We also suggest the silicone spoonsilicone bibs for the baby feeding. And for little baby, we suggest the pacifier feeder.


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Silicone kids Placemats cloud shape


100% food-grade silicone




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New design, LOGO, Color, Package is ok




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Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, White

19 reviews for Kids Placemats

  1. Lele

      The wholesale price is very affordable, and the quality of the silicone pad is also very good, it is very worth buying.

  2. Mike Lohr

      The quality is good, the price is very cheap, very affordable.

  3. Rita Hoffman

      The wholesale price of this silicone mat is very cheap, and the quality is also very good. It is very worth buying.

  4. Pearlz

      The price of the silicone mat is very affordable and the quality is good, so it is worth buying.

  5. Shauntrelle Jackson

      The wholesale price is affordable, the quality of the silicone pad is very good, very cost-effective.

  6. Fannie

    A bit late, only arrived in 3 weeks.

  7. Elle Sanders

    Enough for a whole table, about the same thickness and texture as the cushions in the pricing, and about 15 days to New York.

  8. Camille

    The silicone pad is a little thin, but everything else is fine.

  9. Jocelyn

    Good service.

  10. Jackson

    Very well worth the money.

  11. Anthony

    Good quality.

  12. Nathaniel

    Good service.

  13. William

    Very well worth the money.

  14. Ryker

    Very well worth the money.

  15. Ryker

    The product is firmly packed.

  16. Hayden

    Good quality.

  17. GHall

    I am very satisfied with these mats, these are the ideal sizes for my children, suitable for their utensils, cups, plates.

  18. kelly

    Nice placemat for kid’s dinner. Foldable and easy to bring outside.

  19. Clenryref

    Before Novosibirsk was a month and a half. The parcel was tracked. The quality of the mat is good, it smells a little rubber. In general, the purchase is happy

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