Sleeve gloves, Reusable silicone cooking gloves, Cotton Lining

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  1. What’s Included: gloves × 2Pcs (38″ Large).
  2. The sleeve design protects the wrist and arm.
  3. Food grade silicone, reusable gloves.
  4. The inner soft cotton layer, Protection temperature from -40℉to 450℉.
  5. Hang the loop for easy storage.
  6. Unique honeycomb shape skid – proof and flexible
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Advantages of sleeve glove design:

Oven gloves provide extra protection for your wrists and forearms, protecting them from sparks, hot liquids, radiant heat, etc., and will not restrict your activities.

Flexible and non-slip:

Every time we use our silicone gloves, five-finger silicone gloves can provide the necessary flexibility.

The unique surface of the honeycomb design has a super grip, which can ensure that hot food, bakeware, grill, pot or other cooking utensils are firmly fixed.

100% waterproof and easy to clean

The silicone part of the shell of USELE silicone oven gloves is 100% waterproof and can easily handle hot water and steam during cooking and grilling. The barbecue gloves are machine washable, washable and reusable.


1. Please do not use gloves directly on open flames! The temperature of an open flame is unstable and easily higher than the maximum heat-resistant temperature of the glove.


Suitable for all kinds of household gloves such as ovens, microwave ovens, and refrigerators.

Product Name

Sleeve gloves, Reusable silicone cooking gloves, Cotton Lining


100% food-grade silicone + cotton


protect fingers to hold a hot plate or pans from the baking oven, microwave.


Blue, Green, Orange, Red




We can design as your demand

21 reviews for Sleeve gloves, Reusable silicone cooking gloves, Cotton Lining


    They are very durable and will not wear out with regular use.

  2. Pauline F. Raymond

    The silicone gloves are waterproof and I can keep water out while washing dishes.

  3. C.C. Cerano

    These gloves are super easy to clean, just rinse with water. I no longer have to worry about detergent residue.

  4. scorpion girl

      This silicone glove is very good, and the price is also very affordable. There is nothing bad about it. I recommend it.

  5. David

      Good quality and low price, the wholesale price of silicone gloves is really affordable, and it is also very good to use, love it.

  6. Susan Snodgrass

      There is really nothing to say about the quality, each one is very durable, and the wholesale price is also very affordable, love it.

  7. Kate Richards

      I feel that the quality is very good, and the price of wholesale silicone gloves is also very cheap. It is very worth buying.

  8. Blake Y.

      I feel that the quality is very good, and the price of wholesale silicone gloves is quite affordable, love it.

  9. Vince Soto

    Excellent packaging, very fast shipping and very good quality.

  10. Ian Williamson

    Everything is certain. Gloves are of good quality but don’t hold much warmth. This is a grill for the weak, and it’s not convenient for every shot.

  11. Sweety

    The size is large wish it had a smaller size

  12. John

    Gloves are dense, good size and can withstand very high temperatures.

  13. Camden

    Very fast delivery.

  14. Avery

    The product is firmly packed.

  15. Jackson

    Very well worth the money.

  16. Alan

    Good service.

  17. Nolan

    Very fast delivery.

  18. Phoenix

    Very fast delivery.

  19. Liam

    The product is firmly packed.

  20. Angel

    Very well worth the money.

  21. Nolan

    The product is firmly packed.

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