Silicone Baby Bibs

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  • Waterproof silicone baby bibs
  • Foldable and portable
  • 100% food-grade silicone material safe for meals
  • Soft, adjustable and comfortable to wear
  • Welcome custom OEM Pantone colors, embossed logo design

Silicone baby Bibs Description

Silicone baby bibs are waterproof, soft and comfortable to wear. It’s 100% food-grade, non-toxic, durable and waterproof. Very convenient when baby feeding. Classic 3d design easy to catches falling food and soup. It can keep baby cloth clean when they have meals, snacks, and juice.

We also suggest the silicone plate, silicone spoon, for the babies, they are durable and reusable, unbreakable. Easy to bring outside with babies. We also have silicone bags and foldable silicone cups, that are portable and keep protect our health, and reusable to protect our earth.

How are the silicone baby bibs advantages?

Classic 3D design easy catches falling food

The silicone baby bib has a unique silicone band 3D design, the bottom is a big pocket. it’s useful to pick up dropped food and keep clothes and floor clean. It’s suitable for infants, the elderly and sick patients. It is convenient and practical to avoid soiling clothes during meals.

Silicone Baby Bibs

Waterproof Silicone bibs easy to wipe clean, comfortable to wear.

Waterproof silicone bibs are very useful. No matter baby eating creams, food with soup, milk. The waterproof pocket can catch them. This can keep the cloth clean and dry.

The waterproof silicone bibs are easy to treat, you can clean it in the dishwasher. Or you can also use a towel or tissue wipe it clean and dry easily.

Silicone Baby Bibs

100% food-grade silicone baby bibs

The silicone bibs use soft non-toxic food-grade silicone material, it’s a safe material the same as silicone bowl, plates. No harm for little baby ware it.

Even when there’s some food drop in the pocket, the baby can pick up and eat the food from the pocket of bibs. That brings much joyful when baby training meals by itself.

High-quality silicone material

The high-quality silicone material is with the following features:

  • 100% Food-grade silicone, PBA free, non-corrosive, non-toxic
  • Silicone resists -50~250℃
  • Easy to clean and store: Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer all OK.
  • Durable, Reusable, Unbreakable for many years

silicone material

The Silicone Baby Bibs Are Foldable And Portable.

The silicone baby bibs are made of soft material. They are foldable and portable. We can roll and fold it completely, this can save much space, we can put it in bags or pockets. We can take the silicone baby bibs to anywhere, like travel, picnic, dinner in friends party.

Adjustable Button and Size

The 4 buttons can help to adjust the most comfortable size for different age kids. The durable material and adjustable size can help babies have meals from 4 months to 4 years of age.

Silicone Baby Bibs

How to clean the silicone baby bibs?

Wash: Once getting it, we can use the cold water and mild detergent to clean it. Then disinfect it by boiled water or using the disinfection cabinet. When sterilized by boiling in boiling water. Be careful not to get close to the pot to avoid damage.

When you need to put in a microwave oven for disinfection, please use a special microwave oven disinfection box. Do not sterilize directly on the cooking stove or microwave.

The silicone bib is very easy to dry. We can hang and air-dry it. Or wiping it by towel or tissue.

Welcome OEM ODM orders

We accept the OEM orders for both Pantone colors, embossed logo, print images, or similar mold shape.


The silicone baby bibs are waterproof, flexible and comfortable to wear. It’s 100% food-grade, non-toxic, durable and waterproof. Very convenient when baby feeding. Classic 3d design easy to catches falling food and soup. It can keep baby cloth clean when they have meals, snacks, and juice. Also, we suggest the silicone nipple feeder we can fill the nutrition liquid food in the 100% food-grade silicone pacifier.

Later we can train babies to have a meal by themselves. We suggest the silicone dinner tools: suction silicone bowlsilicone platebaby silicone placemat.

The durable silicone products are food-safe and eco-friendly, they are more and more popular in the market. Welcome to your inquiry. We have plenty of storage and can accept OEM orders. Thanks.

Product Name

Waterproof silicone baby bibs


100% Food Grade Silicone


PE bags, carton box, OEM custom package.


Waterproof baby bib for having meals


BPA free, FDA, etc




Blue, Pink

6 reviews for Silicone Baby Bibs

  1. Bunny

    Very fast shipping recommended, 100% recommended

  2. Crystal

    Excellent product, arrived earlier than expected, same as the picture, super recommended

  3. Quella

    The main material of this bowl is silicone, so it is safe and soft.

  4. Mary Legacy

    I tried many different bibs for 1 year olds, but was disappointed for many different reasons until I found this bib. It is soft and flexible enough, but hard enough to keep the pocket open to catch everything he decides to eject or miss from his mouth. It has many size options, can be washed in the dishwasher like in a dream, it is very compact to fold, easy to travel, and maintain its color and shape.

  5. Jess

    I like the bibs a lot. The pouch at the bottom stay open and does a good job of catching anything. It’s a little fiddly trying to get the bib on he baby (maybe Velcro fasting would have been easier) but apart from that, it’s a good product.

  6. зарядка для детей с движениями и музыкой

    I wholesale a variety of bibs, but these bibs are actually the only ones available. They do not stain, and more importantly, they are easy to clean and dry.

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