Silicone bowl

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  • Large capacity, small pits for different kinds of food
  • beautiful color attracts the baby’s interesting
  • Suck firm to the table surface
  • Durable, portable, convenient to use

Silicone Bowl Description

The silicone bowl is made of 100% food-grade silicone material. The suction bottom can suck firmly to the table. It’s with cute design and pattern. You can get the silicone bowl with a spoon here. It’s easy to use and clean. They are oven, and microwave safe. Besides that, we also suggest the silicone bibs keep the cloth clean, silicone mat, silicone spoon, and silicone plate. Welcome to your OEM/ODM inquiry and demands.

silicone bowl

What are the advantages of silicone bowls?

Large capacity & beautiful color attracts the baby’s interesting

The silicone bowl is food-safe, durable, breakage-proof, and very convenient for baby training feeding by themselves. The design is simple and generous, the colors are fresh and good-looking, and the food is casually placed, it looks particularly beautiful, and it is a bit like a work of art with a little mix. It’s pleasant when the baby owns a so nice dish bowl, that helps the baby enjoy delicious food.

Besides this suction silicone baby bowl, we also suggest the silicone spoon, silicone bibs, and silicone placemat for baby feeding. And for little babies, we suggest the pacifier feeder.

Food grade high-quality silicone material

The high-quality silicone bowl is non-toxic and odorless. Approved by FDA. SGS. That can resist large range temperatures: -40~230℃. It is an inert material, and durable. The silicone product like silicone bowls, plates, silicone bibs, and silicone teether is a freezers available, dishwasher-safe, microwave-acceptable, and sterilizer safe. It’s very convenient to clean and treat.

silicone material

Suck firmly to the table

The silicone bowl can be sucked up firmly once placing it on the table. It’s difficult for the baby to take away or pushed over. So when training a baby to eat, It’s difficult for the curious baby to strike down the bowl and food. The baby can pay more attention to the food.

Silicone smiling face bowl

Durable and Foldable

The silicone bowl is very tough, durable, foldable, and won’t tear broken. Even when falling on the floor, it won’t be broken. When we bring the baby outside, it’s better to bring the silicone bowl with a lid. As we know, the baby’s exclusive dining tool should be carried with you every time.

Dinning tool: silicone bib, silicone cup, silicone food storage bag

Heat preservation & thermal insulation

Silicone has heat preservation for a long period. Great thermal insulation properties can maintain the meal temperature, and protect the baby’s stomach well. Heat-resistant can prevent babies from scalding.

Very convenient to use

The material is pliable and delicate to the touch. The silicone bowl has a small size but large capacity, A multi-purpose bowl, the size is appropriate and can hold instant noodles, salad, fruit, yogurt, and so on.


How to choose a good silicone baby bowl?

When choosing the silicone baby bowl, We should consider the material priority. High-quality silicone is very important. The food-grade silicone baby bowl is non-toxic, and won’t emit odor to food. It’s free of BPA and certified by the FDA. The silicone rubber can keep the food temperature and nutrition.

The silicone bowl can resist high temperatures. Once get a silicone bib, we can put it in the microwave, and see how is the performance at high temperatures. A good silicone bib can resist 200℃

Besides judging the material, we should also try the sensor. A good silicone bowl is pliable and delicate to the touch. We can try to tear it, it’s durable.

How to use the silicone bowl?

Wash: Once getting a silicone bowl or plate, we can use cold water and mild detergent to clean it. Then disinfect it with boiled water or use the disinfection cabinet.

Dry: The silicone bowls and plates are very easy to dry. We can hang and air-dry it. Or wipe it with a towel or tissue.

The durable silicone feeding tools are very durable, they can be used for babies 4 months to 4 years old.

The silicon bowls are foldable. We can roll and store it in our bag, then bring it out for a party, dinner, picnic, or travel.


The silicone bowls are very useful when baby training to eat. It’s with cute design and pattern. Easy to use and clean. We suggest silicone bowls. Besides that, we also suggest the silicone bibs keep the cloth clean, silicone mat, silicone spoon, and silicone plate. Welcome to your inquiry.

Besides this classic silicone bowl, we also suggest the silicone spoon, silicone bibs to keep the cloth clean, and a silicone placemat for baby feeding. And for little babies, we suggest the pacifier feeder. And some silicone muffin pans and molds to cook the silicone food, and the silicone mold with the lid to store the baby food.

Product Name

Kids suction silicone bowl


100% Food Grade Silicone


60pc/ carton, carton size: 46*28*35cm, G.W: 11kg


Silicone dish bowl to training baby have meals


BPA free, FDA, etc


Bowl: diameter 120mm, high 80mm
spoon: 140*34mm


Blue, Green, Pink, Red


bowl, bowl+spoon, spoon



6 reviews for Silicone bowl

  1. Elaine

    Super product will order again very satisfied, recommend 100%

  2. Ivy

    All rules, good cutlery, super fast shipping from the seller, 100% recommended.

  3. Ailsa

    Everything was perfect, and 100% recommended.

  4. Jacket

    Nice durable bowl. My baby can have food by herself. Good quality.

  5. Nudge Wink

    These are exactly what I expected. A very small silicone bowl.

    I use them for various projects where I need to do a glue-up, but don’t need a huge amount of glue. They’re stable, don’t have any issues with glue sticking, and are great.

    I could also see them being useful in their intended role for small amounts of ingredients when putting together my mise en place.

  6. BJett

    Oh my goodness, I like this! Its blue is much darker than the picture, but it looks better than I expected. It is also heavy on the sides, which makes it difficult for babies / toddlers to fall off the high chair or take it off your hands.

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