Silicone food bags

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  • Silicone Reusable Food Bag 500ml,1000ml 1500ml Leakproof Containers, Reusable Fresh Bag Food Storage Bag Freezer Bag Snack
  • 100% food-grade silicone, free of BPA, PVC, latex
  • Large capacity: 1000ml / 34oz
  • Pinch-lock seal, 100% leak-proof
  • Indicate store date by twist buttons.
  • Environmentally friendly, durable and reusable
  • Resist large-range temperatures ( -40 ~ 230 ℃)
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Silicone food bags advantages:

Unlike traditional plastic bags, silicone food bags are free of BPA, PVC, and latex. Make sure your food is not contaminated by contaminants in the normal plastic storage bag.

A variety of sizes to ensure sufficient food space for different kinds of food. 3 kinds of capacity, can store different types of food, easy to operate, sealed and fresh (not squeezed)

silicone food bags
silicone food bags

How to use silicone food bags?

Pinch lock seal

The silicone food bags are with a pinch lock seal. They have an innovative airtight, pinch-type seal that keeps food fresh, pickled and steeped. Keep the food’s nutrition, flavor and juice locked. Just hit the Sta applicator to remove excess air and squeeze the seal tightly。

Silicone Kitchen Bag
Silicone Kitchen Bag

Twistable Date Buttons

The silicone food bags are with twistable date buttons. Help to record exactly date food is stored.

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Food grade silicones are safe to use in freezers, microwaves, dishwashers, boiling water and ovens up to 500 ° F

100% food-grade silicone

The silicone food bags are made of 100% food-grade silicone. It’s BPA free, non-toxic, FDA approved. The silicone bag is safe to store food and keep it fresh.

Why Do We Suggest Silicone Food Bags?

1. Dried fruits or cakes that can’t be eaten are easy moisture and not easy to store. The silicone bag can keep the food dry.

2, The normal plastic bags have an odor and are not environmentally friendly. But the food-safe silicone is reusable for thousands of times, can save the material.

Food freshness bag does not leak
Food freshness bag does not leak


3. Snack storage is messy. But the silicone storage bags can help to keep the snack tidy. Several silicone bags for one family is very useful.

4. Fruits and vegetables are not easy to classify and store. The fresh period is short. The silicone bag can protect the moisture in fruit, prevent bacteria and keep the food fresh.

5. The durable silicone bag is strong, can help to store small pieces of things. With it, your life is healthier and the kitchen is cleaner and more organized.

6. The silicone can resist large range temperature, even in the freezer, it can keep flexible and anti-leak. We can use the silicone storage bag to store drinks, milk or soup in the freezer.


Do you always buy many plastic bags to store your food? Many plastics are not safe and it’s disposal material. The silicone food bags are food-safe, durable and reusable thousands of times. It’s easy to clean in the dishwasher and boil water to disinfect.

The silicone food bag is with date buttons help to record the store date. The pinch lock help to seal the bag easily and tightly. Help to keep our dry food anti-moisture, help to anti-leak of liquid. It’s flexible to store the food in the freezer.

Product Name

silicone food bags


100% food-grade silicone


Free Sample


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Opp Bag, Paper box or Customized


Blue, Green, Red, Rose Red, Transparent, Yellow


1000ML, 1500ml, 500ml


165*165mm, 205*185mm, 250*215mm

44 reviews for Silicone food bags

  1. Carrie

    These silicone bags are perfect for storing and freezing my homemade baby food. They are safe and convenient for busy moms like me.

  2. April

    I carry these silicone bags with me whenever I go shopping. They are sturdy and can hold a lot of groceries. A must-have for reducing plastic waste!

  3. Debra a miles

    I’m amazed by how well these silicone bags seal. They keep my food fresh and are perfect for meal prepping.

  4. Brooke Higgins

    Estou muito satisfeito com essas sacolas de silicone. São perfeitas para armazenar e congelar alimentos, além de serem ecologicamente corretas. Recomendo!

  5. Ulrica

    This silicone bag is very effective for food preservation and is easy to clean. I will recommend to my friends.

  6. Sera

    This silicone bag is very durable and has not broken after many uses. Very worth buying.

  7. Ericka

    These silicone bags are such a space-saver in my kitchen. They are collapsible and fit perfectly in my cabinets. Love them!

  8. Heidi

    These silicone bags are a lifesaver for organizing my makeup and toiletries when traveling. They are leak-proof and save so much space in my suitcase.

  9. S. Draper

    Love these silicone bags! They’re great for storing leftovers and keeping them fresh. Seals tightly and is easy to clean. highly recommended!

  10. Brenda Romero

    For me who travels a lot, these silicone bags are a lifesaver. Thanks to its excellent seal, I no longer have to worry about liquids leaking out of my luggage. They’re also TSA compliant, making airport security hassle-free.

  11. Corinna

    I have been using silicone bags for a few months and they have exceeded my expectations. These bags seal tight and keep my food fresh longer. Plus, they’re microwave safe, which makes reheating leftovers a breeze.

  12. Pretty Mama

      I’ve stopped using plastic bags altogether thanks to these silicone ones. And the price for bulk is unbeatable.

  13. Nancy Gonzalez

      I’ve used these bags for packing snacks on long road trips and they’ve been a lifesaver. And the price allows me to stock up on them.

  14. Justin & Heather

      These bags have held up really well after multiple uses. And the wholesale price allows me to buy enough for the whole family.

  15. Brian Frye

      I’m excited that I’ve found a more sustainable option for storing food. And the wholesale price makes it an affordable option.

  16. Zoey

      These bags are perfect for packing a small lunch or snacks for the beach. And the wholesale price makes it more affordable to buy in bulk.

  17. Ann McGovern

      These bags have made it easier to stay organized in the fridge. And the wholesale price makes it easy to buy multiple for meal prep.

  18. Kadie Thompson

      I like that these bags are microwave safe so I don’t have to fuss with transferring items to another container. Wholesale price is a great deal.

  19. Tina Hawks Anderson

      These bags are great for packing produce when I don’t want to use plastic bags. And the wholesale price allows me to stock up for the week.

  20. William Hartley

      I’ve been trying to reduce my plastic usage and these bags have been a great help. And the price makes it even better.

  21. Dallas Clemmons

    Super somehow well made.

  22. Julian

    Fast shipping, nice look, good quality and price, perfect store and seller

  23. Uni Hawley

    Excellent freezer bags, watertight, easy to clean, different sizes.

  24. Ms. D

      These bags are versatile and can be used for storing all kinds of things. Wholesale pricing is an amazing deal.

  25. Happy

    Perfect and great quality! super recommended!

  26. Doris

    Good quality, good size, good closure, recommend wholesaler.

  27. Magical

    In principle, a good bag, but hard to close. Prompt shipping, UPS, recommended supplier.

  28. Tyler

    very good packaging, high quality

  29. Melantha

    In principle, a good bag, but hard to close. Recommended by the seller, they are all sent on time, and they are all co-branded packages.

  30. Melantha

    Good quality, good size, good closure, recommended supplier.

  31. Aadarsh

    Good quality.

  32. Yolanda

    Smell of plastic.

  33. Gwendolyn

    Good service.

  34. Maison Leach

    Very well worth the money.

  35. Corrine

    Good service.

  36. Bryan

    Good quality.

  37. Bryan

    Very well worth the money.

  38. Hayden

    Good quality.

  39. Kai

    Good quality.

  40. Aadarsh

    Good service.

  41. Nathaniel

    The product is firmly packed.

  42. Patrick

    Good service.

  43. Mason

    The product is firmly packed.

  44. Kevin

    I love this bags,The seal tightly, easy to open and close. these are perfect. Highly recommend.

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