Silicone kneading dough bag

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  • Silicone kneading dough bag Holds Flour, Large size: 5.5lb, Small size: 3.3lb
  • Non-stick design, not easy to stick to food.
  • Made of food-grade silicone materials, non-toxic and durable.
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
  • A faster and convenient way to knead the dough for DIY delicious food.
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Silicone kneading dough bag advantages:

1. Large Silicone kneading dough bag is very useful to make bread, pastry, pizza or tortilla. Just add the ingredients such as flour, water, eggs mix all of them together. Then tie up the bag and start kneading.

2. The food-safe silicone bag is durable, we don’t worry the bag will break at high pressure.

3. The sealed bag can keep both hands and food material clean by the separate bag. Reusable silicone kitchen kneading tool bag can prevent the flour from splashing everywhere.

4. Anti-aging, durable, reusable, fashionable, soft texture, diverse styles, easy to clean

Flour Pouch Soft Porcelain Silicone Kneading Dough Bag
Flour Pouch Soft Porcelain Silicone Kneading Dough Bag

5. The silicone bag can resist a large range temperature -40 ℃ to + 230 ℃. It can be used safely in oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

6. The silicone bag is made of food-grade silicone materials, non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. The silicone bag is flexible and easy to disassemble, innovative design, soft and changeable

How to use the silicone kneading dough bag

Just mix flour, water, eggs, and other ingredients together, fill into the silicone bag, tighten the bag and start kneading. The 100% food-grade silicone bag is safe to contact the food. And it’s durable and strong, won’t be broken when having long-term high-pressure knead.

It’s a good tool to make dough for bread, cake, pastry, pizza or tortilla.

silicone kneading bag
silicone kneading bag

How are the applications?

1. The big size silicone bags can be used to make wonton noodles, kneading noodles, squeezing fruit and vegetable juices, making pureed vegetables, making steaks, stirring food, etc.

2. The silicone bag can be used as a recyclable plastic wrap or a sealable safe fresh-keeping bag. The bags used to cover, preserve, and store foods.

3. Used to marinate meat and vegetables. Mix wine, make wine, and store wine.

6. The silicone can resist high-temperature. We can use the silicone bag as a non-stick kneading pad and pushing pad. The non-stick backing pad used in the oven can be used as a temporary anti-scald and Anti-stick silicone gloves and hot water bottles.

7. It can also be used as reusable travel food bags, multi-purpose bags, etc.


Because of manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm error, and make sure you don’t mind before ordering.

Please understand that colors may differ depending on the location of the pictures.

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silicone kneading dough bag


100% food-grade silicone




Free Sample


New design, LOGO, Color, Package is ok




Opp Bag, Paper box or Customized


22cm*32cm, 27cm*41cm

43 reviews for Silicone kneading dough bag


    I recently started meal prepping for myself and these silicone bags have become a staple in my routine. They are durable and easy to clean.

  2. Darlene

    Je suis très impressionné par la qualité et la praticité de ces sacs en silicone. Je les utilise pour ranger de la nourriture au réfrigérateur et ils servent également de sacs de congélation. C’est vraiment un produit polyvalent et économique.

  3. Flor Martinez

    These silicone bags are perfect for storing and organizing my craft supplies. They are flexible and can be easily squeezed into tight spaces.

  4. Donna

    Ich bin absolut begeistert von diesen Silikonbeuteln! Sie sind extrem robust, auslaufsicher und umweltfreundlich. Ich werde nie wieder Plastikbeutel verwenden.

  5. Schwarz

    These silicone bags are flexible enough to hold a variety of small items. perfectly worked.

  6. Lizard

    These silicone bags are a must-have for anyone who loves meal prepping. They are airtight and keep my food fresh for days. Love them!

  7. Jannie Dorsey

    These silicone bags are just the right size and don’t take up much space, making them perfect for travel.

  8. Josie Koonce

    I highly recommend these silicone bags for anyone who loves to meal prep. They are easy to fill and freeze, making my weekly meals a breeze.

  9. Amy Lynne

    I’ve been using these silicone bags for my kids’ school snacks and they are great. These bags are easy to open and close and keep treats fresh and crunchy. Highly recommend to parents!

  10. Karla Valdez

    Great alternative to plastic bags. I use them for sandwiches and snacks. They are durable and do not leak. Very happy with my purchase.

  11. Ailsa

    I love these silicone bags! They are a great alternative to plastic bags and are very versatile. I use them to store food, carry toiletries, and even organize my travel essentials.

  12. Jasmine

      I love using these bags for packing snacks for hiking. They’re lightweight and easy to clean. Wholesale pricing makes it more affordable.

  13. Jessi Sharples

      I appreciate that these bags don’t take up a lot of room in my fridge or freezer. And the wholesale price is unbeatable.

  14. Jairus Santos

      I’ve used these bags for storing food in the fridge and freezer and they work great. Plus, they’re cheaper than similar products out there.

  15. annief

      I appreciate that these bags are reusable and washable. And the wholesale price makes it a good value for the amount of uses I’ll get out of them.

  16. Rebekah Lofton

      Great quality for the price. These bags are perfect for packing snacks or storing leftovers.

  17. Kimiko

      I’ve started using these bags for packing make-up and other toiletries for travel. And the wholesale pricing makes it easy to stock up.

  18. Andrea Valdez

      I’ve started using these bags for packing make-up and other toiletries for travel. And the wholesale pricing makes it easy to stock up.

  19. Mrs. Fallin Eddy

      These bags are great for packing produce when I don’t want to use plastic bags. And the wholesale price allows me to stock up for the week.

  20. Nikkie

    Excellent silicone bag. As described, good quality.

  21. Tschuss

    As shown, I have not tested them.

  22. Carol

    Super cool, looks resistant and does a great job.

  23. Gina

    Fantastic, I would recommend ok, it’s worth it, it’s great.

  24. Louise

      These bags are so sturdy that I don’t have to worry about them breaking. And the wholesale price is unbeatable compared to other options.


      These bags are perfect for camping trips. They’re durable and can be used for so many things. Wholesale pricing is unbeatable too.

  26. Angle

    Too small but practical, recommend wholesaler.

  27. Ailsa

    Good size recommended supplier.

  28. Kevin

    Seems to be of good quality, recommend the supplier.

  29. Joy

    As mentioned, recommend suppliers.

  30. Snowy

    Too small but practical, recommend wholesaler.

  31. Linda

    Cheap price

  32. Beenle

    Good service.

  33. Lorelei

    Very fast delivery.

  34. Jill

    The product is firmly packed.

  35. Frieda

    The product is firmly packed.

  36. Henry

    Good quality.

  37. Michael

    The product is firmly packed.

  38. David

    Very well worth the money.

  39. Ryker

    Very fast delivery.

  40. Ryder

    Very fast delivery.

  41. Ryder

    Good quality.

  42. Henry

    Very well worth the money.

  43. Nicholas

    The product is firmly packed.

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