Silicone Lunch box

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  • Durable and leak-proof silicone baby box opening
  • Different size and shape for convenient use
  • Safe to use in freezer, microwave,  ovens, dishwasher
  • Collapsible to save storage space, and portable to bring lunch
  • 100% food-grade FDA approves material

Silicone Lunch boxes Description

When people need to bring lunch in schools, offices, outdoor picnics or short trips, a lunch box is essential, Bring lunch is a healthy life-style to control nutrition, The silicone Lunch box is safe to heat food in the microwave, And they are collapsible can safe space in the bags. 100% food-grade material to protect our health. The divided compartment can sperate the different kinds of foods to keep them not mixed. The sealed lids are leak-proof, they can keep the food fresh, This is also a silicone baby box opening bowl.

How are the advantages of silicone lunch boxes?

Multiple size and shape

The silicone lunch boxes are of different sizes and shapes. The following photo shows different sizes and even divided box.  They can be used as food storage to bring food to the office, school and travel outside. They can also be used as kitchen storage containers.

We can use the foldable silicone boxes to store the meats, salad, sandwich, fruits, vegetables, juice, even hot milk. This can keep the foods fresh by the vacuum seal lids. And safe to heat the food in the microwave by silicone container.

Collapsible and convenient use

The silicone boxes are collapsible containers of food storage. This can zip to 1/3 of its original size, save packing space. It’s portable and convenient to bring in our bag. And save the storage space in the kitchen.

Large-range Temperature Resistant 100% food-grade material

The silicone lunch boxes are made of 100% food-grade silicone, it’s FDA approved. Silicone is no lead, free of vinyl, PVC, phthalates or Bisphenol A (BPA). The silicone can resist large-range temperature -40~230℃.  They are safe in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.

Durable and lead proof silicone lunch box

The silicone boxes are made of durable silicone boxes. They are easy to clean and reusable. The PP lids can cover the flexible silicone boxes tightly. The flexible silicone can be Leak Proof by airtight vacuum seal. This can keep the food fresh and avoid liquid leak from the box.

The silicone boxes are durable enough for 7000 times fold test. No matter use that in the microwave or freezer, the silicone box keeps tough in good shape. When we bring the food to the office, at lunch-time just heat the food in the microwave. And we can also use the foldable lunch box to cook the instant noodles by boiled water.

 Colorful and fashion in the market

The silicone lunch box design is simple and generous, the colors are fresh and good-looking. It looks particularly beautiful, and it is a bit like a work of art with a little mix. It’s pleasant when our children own a so nice dish bowl to bring food outside or picnic.


The silicone lunch boxes are very useful tools. It’s with cute design and pattern. They are 100% food-safe, easy to use and clean. They are foldable to bring outside to office, school, picnic or short travel. The silicone boxes are safe to heat in the microwave. And convenient to store food in the freezer.

Collapsible Silicone Bowl with Lid

Besides the classic silicone lunch boxes, we also suggest the silicone freezer bags to store foods. And when we are out with a baby we also suggest the silicone placemat for the baby feeding. And for little baby, we suggest the pacifier feeder.

silicone storage bags

Silicone products are more and more popular in the market. We are a professional silicone manufacturer, we can provide high-quality, perfect one-stop OEM/ODM service, and cost price, welcome to your inquiry. Thanks.

Product Name

silicone Lunch box


100% Food Grade Silicone + pp

Product size

See picture


Silicone collapsible boxes to store foods


BPA free, FDA, etc


Blue, Green, Pink


1200ml rectangular two grid lunch box, 1200ml round two grid lunch box, 2000ml square lunch box, 250ml square lunch box, 760ml rectangular lunch box, 850ml square lunch box, 900ml Round lunch box

7 reviews for Silicone Lunch box

  1. Heidi

    I love it…it’s a gift I hope you like.

  2. Angle

    perfect! Very good. The right size. fast delivery

  3. Yolanda

    The very comfortable plate does not take up a lot of space and is easy to clean, recommend the wholesaler.

  4. cialis

    The Lunch box is flexible and can heat in the microwave oven, it’s convenient.

  5. Mark

    Loved my bowl! Was missing it to complete my game. I recommend the seller, very loving and caring. Thank You.

  6. Liarkibre

    Cool container, very convenient, compact product is satisfied

  7. Jay

    This box is of good quality and large storage capacity because I can make a complete lunch box for my children with rice, salad, and some leak-proof fruits or chips. It has a large capacity and I also like its silicone .

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