Silicone oven mitts

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  • What’s Included: gloves × 2Pcs.
  • Heat resistant up to 460℉
  • Protect hand when grilling, baking, cooking
  • Non-slip design, flexible, grip tightly
  • Water-proof and super-quality silicone
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Silicone oven mitts description

The silicone oven mitts are multi-function. They are durable and can resist high-temperature, up to 460℉. So we can use the silicone mitts to hold hot pans, hot bowls, dishes from the oven. When wearing the silicone oven mitts, we can even pick out the dishes or food from the boiled water. We can also hand the fried food on the grill. We can use them to cooking, avoid hot water or steam hurt our skin.

The silicone is super high-quality, FDA-approved. It’s food safe to do dish cleaning. The silicone oven mitts are waterproof, easy to clean and dry, anti-breed of bacteria. We can use boiled water to disinfect them. So they are extremely clean to do kitchen cleaning.

The silicone mitts can resist high-temperature, they are safe to use in the microwave, oven. No melt, no deformation, durable and reusable for a long time.  They are with non-slip texture, so we can hold hot pans tightly.

When holding the hot pans, pots or plate, we also suggest the holder mitt and silicone gloves. And when we finish washing dishes, we suggest the silicone mat as a draining board.

How are the silicone gloves advantage?

Heat resistant up to 460℉

The super-quality silicone mitts can resist high temperatures up to 460℉, They are heat-insulator, we can use the mitts to hold hot pans, bowls, dishes, baking molds from the oven, microwave or fire. When wearing Silicone cleaning gloves, we can even pick out the food or dishes from the boiled water. And when we do grilling, cooking or baking, we can easily turn-over the food, no need to use clamp or forks. That’s very easy and funning. We can also use the mitts to clean the kitchen, washing dishes, fruit & vegetables.

Flexible and convenient to use

The waterproof silicone mitts are with five-finger, flexible and convenient to use. It’s easy to hold anything and control. The mitts are identical, no need to identify a right or left hand. The silicone are water-proof, anti-oil and anti-bacterial. They are extremely easy to clean completely. Then very flexible to do cooking or housework.

The flexible silicone oven mitts give us a good sense of touch and feel comfortable. Protect our hands when touching hot things, around flames and heat. And when doing much clean, hands always clean, dry and feel comfortable.

Water-proof and super-quality silicone

The silicon mitts are water-proof.  That’s very convenient to use Silicone cleaning gloves both heat-resistant and waterproof in the kitchen. After use, we can easy to clean and hang it dry. They’re anti-oil, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, safe to disinfect in the boiled water. It’s better to protect our health.

The gloves are made from super-quality silicone, non-toxic. It’s durable, reusable, and eco-friendly. We can use that even clean dishes, vegetables, and fruits. Then put them on the silicone dry mat to let water flow away.

And we can use the dishwasher to clean them, use the boiled water, microwave oven, disinfection to sterilize the gloves.

Non-slip design

The silicone oven mitts are with non-slip design. The texture in the gloves supports maximum grip. That’s flexible to rotate the baking meets. And can hold the hot pots, baking pans firmly. With the gloves, it’s fun to do baking or grilling. Not heat hurt pain.

Conclusion: The silicone oven mitts are waterproof and can resist high-temperature. They are heat-resistant to protect our hand when grilling, cooking and baking. They are durable, washable and reusable for a long time. And the silicone is super high-quality. They can be used to clean the dishes, kitchen. The material is FDA-approved, waterproof, easy to clean and dry, no bacteria, no deformation.

The silicone mitts can resist high-temperature, non-slip and flexible to use. They can protect our hands when grilling, cooking or baking. We can turn-over the food directly. And hold the hot pans. pots or dishes.

When holding the hot pans, pots or plate, we also suggest the silicone pot holder mitt. And when we finish washing dishes, we suggest the silicone mat as a draining board.

Silicone gloves for washing dishes

Silicone anti-scald and heat-resistant hand clip

They are more and more popular in the market, welcome to your inquiry. We have plenty of storage and can accept OEM/ODM orders. Thanks.

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22 reviews for Silicone oven mitts

  1. Greta

    The warmth of these gloves is really good. I always take them with me when I go out in winter.

  2. Mira Bainum

    I think these silicone gloves are really durable. I have used them for several months and they are still like new.

  3. Aletta

    Purchasing these silicone gloves was one of the best decisions I ever made. They greatly simplify my daily life.

  4. Daniel

      The wholesale silicone gloves are very cost-effective and the quality is very good, satisfied.

  5. Marie

      Each is very durable, and the wholesale price of silicone gloves is much cheaper than that in supermarkets.

  6. Izabela

      The quality is very good, the handle is also very good, and the wholesale price is also very affordable, it is worth recommending.

  7. Renee C.

      This silicone glove is easy to use, the quality is also very good, and the wholesale price is also very affordable.

  8. Mr. Greentree

    Fast delivery. They are really good. They are huge and I have ordered them for the men in the house. great. Thanks.

  9. Ryan Michelle

      The packaging is very good, each one is very beautiful, the quality is undeniable, and the wholesale price is also very affordable.

  10. Michell Garcia

    Excellent packaging, very fast shipping and very good quality.

  11. Siddharth Krishnan

    Everything correct, quality gloves, must recommend.

  12. Tina Francis

    Will report back later, coming soon.

  13. Jo

    Good quality.

  14. Leo

    Very fast delivery.

  15. Phoenix

    Good service.

  16. Paul

    Good quality.

  17. Kevin

    Very fast delivery.

  18. Henry

    The product is firmly packed.

  19. Ryder

    Very fast delivery.

  20. Aadarsh

    Very well worth the money.

  21. Samuel

    Good quality.

  22. SAMYU

    Perfect for all uses of handling hot pots and pans. Easy to get on and off, very durable, rinsable

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