Snake silicone baking mold

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  • Silicone DIY Multi-shape Cake Mold,4 PCS DIY Cake Mold
  • Pure 100% food-grade silicone material
  • Durable, Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Easy to DIY different shape baking cake
  • Make breakfast, cookies, gelatin, chocolate, dips, candy, ice cubes
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Snake Silicone Baking mold– Description

The snake silicone baking mold can help to DIY cakes, pizza, bread, mousse, jelly, conditioning food, chocolate, pudding, fruit pie and so on. The mold can joint to make different shape cake.

The make mold is made of pure super-quality silicone, reusable and eco-friendly. The silicone can resist -40~230℃ temperature and they are safe to use in a baking oven, microwave, and freezer. Same as silicone muffin panssilicone baking cupssilicone bags, they are, durable, reusable and eco-friendly. The silicone pan is non-stick, flexible and easy to pop out the cakes.

Snake silicone baking mold

Why do we suggest the snake silicone baking mold?

If you want to cook any delicious dessert for your family like Monica? Look here, the latest silicone baking mold will definitely rock you. These little things can be used to make cakes, pizza, bread, mousse, jelly, conditioning food, chocolate, pudding, fruit pie and so on.
Every housewife can be an artist, 4 pcs cake mold can help you DIY any shape cakes you imagine, you can finish your works in your home. It’s so convenient and practical.

How are the advantages of snake silicone baking mold?

Food-grade silicone material

It’s good to protect every family’s health. The silicone mold is made of food-grade silicone raw material, non-toxic and BPA free, which is definitely safe for your health.

  • 100% Food-grade silicone, PBA free, non-corrosive, non-toxic
  • Silicone resists -40~230℃
  • Easy to clean and store: Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer all OK.
  • Durable, Unbreakable for many years

Durable, Reusable and eco-friendly

The high-quality silicone is durability and longevity. We utilize top quality materials to provide you with bakeware that will last you a long time, so no need to run for a replacement any time soon. With sturdy nylon inside and silicone coating, these cake trays are much more reliable than plastic or flimsy metals and are heat resistant up to 685F.

Easy to DIY different shape baking cake

Simply pour your mixture into the round cups and enjoy the cake pan’s useful features including its curved edges, easy grip and its ideal size for oven use. Not only does its nonstick coating make it easy to remove your baked treats, but it is also dishwasher safe so it is super easy to clean too. These cake trays are a must-have for any baking enthusiast!

Enjoy DIY different shape cake

These Bake Snake are the perfect item for you to DIY all kinds of shape cake with fun!
The Bake Snake is flexible and Strong. You can use this bake snake to make your unique cake shape and then remove the cake mold quickly, not easily deformed Simple to use. You can just connect the bake snake together to create your desired shape.
DIY your own cakes with kids, creating a healthy, fun and colorful home life!

How to use the silicone snake cake mold?

  1. Simply connect the bake snake together to create your desired shape.
  2. Place it on a lined oven tray. Pour in your cake mixture and place it in the oven.
  3. Keep the snake silicone cake mold that holds the shape you created.


  • After use, wash with hot water (diluted edible detergent) or in a dishwasher. Do not use abrasive cleaning or foam cleaning. Make sure that the silicone cake mold is completely dry before each use and before storage.
  • In order to make the baking products show the best baking effect, pls spray a small amount of anti-stick pan oil on the layer of the silicone mold.
  • Silicone cake mold can only be used for oven and microwave oven, can’t be used directly on the gas or electricity or used directly above the heating plate or barbecue
  • After the oven should not immediately rinse with cold water to extend the service life!
  • Free combination DIY cake mold
  • Using 100% food-grade silicone material, clean, eco-friendly, elegant appearance.
  • Easy to clean, no pressure deformation can be used repeatedly.
  • It can be placed in the dishwasher, microwave, oven, refrigerator, etc.
  • Various colors are available by OEM order


  • Clean the Bake Snake cake mold after each use.
  • Do not rinse with cold water immediately after leaving the oven to extend the service life.
  • Wash with hot water and diluted food detergent, or put it in the dishwasher.
  • Do not use corrosive cleaners or foams for cleaning.
  • Make sure that the silicone mold is completely dry before each use and before storage.
  • When baking, the silicone mold should be opened on a flat baking tray. Do not allow the mold to bake dry, such as a six continuous mold, you only filled three molds, the other three empty molds please fill with water.
  • When the baking is completed, please remove the entire baking pan from the oven and place the baked product on the grid to be cooled until it is completely cold.
  • Cake silicone mold, chocolate silicone mold, ice tray silicone mold can only be used in ovens, ovens and microwave ovens. Never use it directly on gas or electricity, or directly above the heating plate or under the grill.
  • Do not use sharp instruments to scratch on the silicone mold, and do not pull by force.
  • Silica gel mold is easy to suck dust due to static electricity. If it is not used for a long time, please store it in a paper box and store it in a cool place.


The snake silicone baking mold is made of 100% food-grade silicone material. That can resist wide-range temperature, and they are freezer, microwave safe. It’s non-stick and easy to pop out the cake from the pan in the perfect shape. Similar to silicone cake moldssilicone muffin pansfoldable silicone cupssilicone reusable straws, they are eco-friendly, can help to protect our earth.

They are more and more popular in the market, welcome to your inquiry. We have plenty of storage and can accept OEM orders. Thanks.

Product Name

Snake Silicone Baking Mold


100% food-grade silicone


19 * 5.5cm


PE bag, carton box


Reusable eco-friendly DIY baking breakfast quiches, cookies, gelatin, chocolate, dips, candy, ice cubes,


Red or customized Pantone colors


BPA free, FDA, etc


One Set – 4 pcs

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