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Choose the suit silicone molds, Our silicone candy molds are flexible and with a high-glossy cavity surface. The pliable, smooth-textured silicone molds can make flawless surfaces and different shapes of chocolates or candies. They are also with different numbers of cavities for your hobby.

Silicone Candy Molds

There are 6 cavities, and also 12, 15, 18, 30, 36, 40, and 48 cavities. To make different shapes including squares, donuts, flowers, bones, hearts, bear paws, unicorns, and even birthday letters, digits, and symbols. You can click the collection page to get the high-quality silicone candy mold at a wholesale price.

After getting the molds, we will do a complete clean. The silicone molds are durable and can resist high quality. It’s safe to clean in the dishwasher but to protect the smooth surface, we should take care to prevent a sharper hurt of the surface. Then use the steam or boiled water to disinfect them.

Prepare the candy raw material, other baking tools, and candy recipes. The candy raw material includes chocolate, milk chocolate, butter, sugar, soft sweets, coffee powder, etc. Besides the raw material, we need the candy heating container, extruder, and food writing pen. We can get the candy recipes in the food store or on other websites.

Candy chocolate-making steps:

The DIY candies and chocolates come with no additives, and you can use our silicone molds to make different shapes at home. Home-made candies are safe food to protect our health. and they are fun for even kids to handle them.

1, Weight the chocolate piece, power, some big pieces of chocolate candy block need to be cut into small pieces, that are easy to melt when heating.

2, Heating the raw material, the temperature can’t be too high, we can use the microwave to heat the candy material. Every time heating for 30 seconds, pick out and stir them. There are some solid pieces that will need more time to heat, then we can repeat the heating in the microwave, and reduce the working time to avoid excessive heating.

3, During the heating of chocolate raw material, we can also mix some peanuts, raisins, and other suit snacks in the chocolate.

4, When the candy is liquid, that’s ready for molding, when it’s too thick, then heated in the microwave again.

5, Pretreat the silicone mold. Put the silicone mold on a rigid board. The clean and dried silicone mold is non-stick but we can also spray some anti-stick oil to get more glossy candies.

6, Molding, the silicone mold can resist high temperatures, we can pour the candy liquid into the mold ASAP. During that, shack the mold to expel the bubble in the liquid. Till the liquid fulfills the mold cavities.

7, When the candy liquid is cooled down, we can put the silicone mold together with a rigid board into the freezer to solidify the candy chocolate liquid. Normally after 20 minutes, the candy will become rigid in the freezer.

8, Pick out the silicone mold from the freezer, it’s non-stick, so we can easily pop out the candy or chocolates.

Where to purchase the silicone candy molds?

We are a professional silicone candy mold manufacturer. We open an on-line shopping store to share the high quality with wholesale price. You can purchase the silicone candy molds at the store, we will ship them out in 48 hours after getting the payment. You will get good quality at home. If any defect, loss, or harm is on the way, we will replace or refund.


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  1. I just bought a silicone Candy Mold, this article is exactly what I want, and now I am ready to make light and dark chocolate.

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