What are the best ice trays | Why suggest silicone ice trays?

Ice Trays

Silicone ice trays are a good tool to cold our drinking, The ice cubes can be removed from the mold flexibly when making ice cubes, Durable and reusable a thousand times.

Some people will ask, Are ice trays BPA-free? Of course, The best silicone ice trays are free of toxic substances such as BPA. The best silicone ice tray is made of 100-grade silicone, which can pass FDA and LFGB certification.

How to make ice cubes?

  • Choose the suit silicone ice cube tray, we have the ice ball maker, which is 2 parts combined into a ball, and fill the water from the hole at the top. And we also have the ice cube trays with lid. That can make the ice cream and other ice food. They can stack up to save space.
  • Once get the ice cube maker, we need to clean it.
  • Then fill that with clean cold water, drinking or food. Take care don’t fill that too full. The ice cube size is bigger than water.
  • When having a lid with each ice cube tray, we can cover the lid.
  • Put in the freezer to freeze the ice cube. Because the silicone is flexible, we can put the silicone mold on the flat plate, and then fill the water. Then put the flat plate and silicone mold together in the freezer.

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Why do silicone ice cube trays smell?

Two possibilities

1, Those unpleasant odors are made up of molecules that stick to the ice cubes of silica gel, just like water, and these molecules evaporate at high temperatures. Therefore, when you bake silicone, you are actually burning odors, odors.

2, The odor of the ice tray is not directly related to the silicone raw material, and it is not related to the color of the product. The problem may occur in various processes after molding.

It is recommended that the newly purchased silicone ice tray be stored in a cool outdoors for a period of time to allow the smell to evaporate naturally; you can also soak it in water to try it, soak it in a water basin for a period of time. Obviously tasteless.

Is silicone better than plastic?

It has a longer service life and is more resistant to high temperatures and cold than plastic. The ice cube trays are made of 100% food-grade silicone, free of BPA, FDA approved. The organosilicon returns to harmless components during combustion: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor (unlike plastic, toxins are released when burned).

Can I bake in silicone ice cube trays?

Because silicone ice cubes are made of silicone, they can withstand up to 450 degrees of heat. Of course, you can bake it. It can be used as cakes, cake molds, etc., and then baked in the microwave.

What are the benefits of an ice tray mold?

1, Coffee energy to make yourself happy

If you like to drink black coffee, this coup must not be missed. Just pour the cooled black coffee into the ice tray and put it in the freezer. When you want to drink, put ice cubes in the cup and pour in fresh milk, you can immediately drink the cool iced coffee! Similarly, ice black tea or scented tea can also be operated like this.

2, Fruit suitable for cooking fruit tea

Fruit ice cubes

In the afternoon of sunshine, several friends gathered together, boiled a pot of boiling water in a transparent glass pot, and threw a few favorite fruit cubes of ice into a pot of hot tea, watching the fruit ice slowly melt, and the friendship was warmer.

3, Bar essentially

Ice tray mold is a must-have gadget for bars. It can be used as DIY high-grade ice cubes and baking molds. It can be added to water, yogurt, juice, wine, cola, whiskey

4, Halloween essentials

The 3D Silicone Skull Ice Lattice is often used at friends’ gatherings or Halloween.

Ice Cream For Your Summer Ice Drink?

Pure ice cubes add pomegranate seeds, blueberries, or a small piece of mint, and pour into a half cup of Sprite, occasionally creating a little romantic atmosphere, bubbles collide in the cup, plus lemon and mint embellishment, fresh and pleasant. If home Guests, entertaining such a glass of ice drink, surely Beier has faced.

Butter Fractional Artifact-I have exaggerated this trick

I know that butter is indispensable for baking, but I buy a large piece, and it must be melted according to the grams during each baking. It is not particularly hygienic and convenient to clean up! The ice cube tray can help us now. it’s safe to contain hot butter, and also ok to cold in the freezer. As long as a large piece of butter is melted and packed into the ice grid, a grid is about 25 grams, and each time you use it, you can press 1 and 2 pieces. It can be counted in grams.

Oh, yes, remember that passion fruit jellies are frozen, one passion fruit drink every night, two passion fruit jellies with a spoonful of boiling water or warm water just fine, beauty and beauty also helps sleep.


In addition to making ice cubes, ice cube molds can also make a variety of baby foods and daily snacks! We are the best ice tray manufacturer, If you have any questions or purchase, please contact customer service! Click on product links to learn more about them.

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