Silicone kitchenware advantages, use, maintenance, purchase, types, etc.

In the past, the kitchen utensils used in our homes were generally made of wood, iron, etc. There are few kitchen utensils made of silicone materials, but with the development of technology, we have researched out, Silicone can be used as a material for kitchen utensils.

Silicone kitchen utensil

The use of silicone as the material of kitchen utensils has been welcomed by many buyers as soon as it is on the market. With the expansion of sales, the sales volume of silicone kitchenware also gradually increased. So what are the characteristics of a silicone kitchen, so that everyone loves it so much? Let us take a look.

What is silicone kitchenware?

Silicone kitchenware is kitchenware made of special-grade silicone with food-grade FDA and LFGB as the standard. It is manufactured by compression molding or rubber compounding.

Silicone cooking utensil set

It has its unique environmental protection, stable chemical properties, high-temperature resistance, and softness, Anti-fouling, stain resistance, non-stick, and other superior performance, stand out from many materials kitchen utensils, welcomed by everyone.

Advantages of silicone products?

Silicone kitchenware
Silicone kitchenware

1, Silicone kitchenware has very strong heat and cold resistance. The lowest temperature can withstand temperatures of minus 40 ℃ and the highest temperature is about 250 ℃. Microwaves and ovens are also available.

2, Silicone products can be cleaned by rinsing in clean water after use, and can also be cleaned with a dishwasher, which is very convenient for cleaning.

3, The chemical nature of the silica gel material is very stable. Don’t worry about the release of toxic substances. Compared with other materials, it also has a longer life.

4, Due to the softness of the silicone material, the silicone kitchen has a very comfortable touch, is extremely flexible, and will not deform.

5, Silicone kitchenware can be formulated with different beautiful colors according to needs, and it will not fade and turn yellow, and its appearance is more beautiful in comparison.

6, The production of silicone materials does not produce any toxic and harmful substances and can be degraded, which is very environmentally friendly.

7, Although the material is soft, the abrasion and slip resistance of silicone kitchenware is very strong and will not be easily damaged.

Use and maintenance of silicone appliances?

1, Before using the silicone utensils, make sure that the silicone utensils are clean and dry.

2, Silicone molds need to be baked in the oven, such as silicone cups. Make sure that each small cell of the mold is filled with stuff. If the material is not full of all the cells, you can fill the cell with water.

Do not leave the mold unfilled. The grid of the material is drily roasted, which will reduce the service life of the silicone mold.

3, Silicone appliances are generally anti-sticky. If you encounter non-sticky appliances, you can brush a thin layer of oil on the silicone mold before baking.

4, Silicone appliances can only be used in ovens, ovens, or microwave ovens. Remember not to directly contact the fire source or electricity.

5, Silicone utensils should be washed with hot water (diluted food detergent) for the first time and after each use. Silicone utensils should not be cleaned with corrosive substances.

6, After baking, take out the silicone utensils and the finished product and set aside to cool.

7, Do not touch the silicone utensils with sharp utensils, or use heavy objects to press and pull the utensils vigorously.

8, Silicone appliances are easier to vacuum, so when not using silicone appliances, it is best to put them in a cool and clean cabinet or box.

Need to pay attention to buying silicone kitchenware?

Silicone kitchen utensils are a kind of household cooking appliance. Their safety is very important. We must pay attention to the following points when purchasing.

1, Find a regular manufacturer to buy from, you need to have the product’s food-grade environmental protection certification test report or the raw material’s FDA, and LFGB certification test report.

Silica gel itself is non-toxic, but compared with food-grade and medical-grade silica gel, industrial silica gel may contain some added ingredients, so you should buy products made from food-grade silica gel in regular factories.

2, When buying, we should choose the kitchenware suitable for our own use, and we must correctly distinguish the use of individual kitchenware.

3, Before purchasing, we can use our nose to sniff the smell of the product. Qualified silicone kitchenware should not have any smell when it is hot or cold.

4, Silicone kitchenware can be wiped on white paper. Normal silicone kitchenware will not have any discoloration.

What are the characteristics of silicone kitchenware?

The so-called pure silicone kitchenware is that the entire product is made of silicone material. Rubber-coated silicone kitchenware is mainly metal-coated and plastic-coated silicone kitchenware.

Pure silicone material, uses the advantages of the silicone material itself to give full play to its direct kitchen operations. Silicone-coated kitchen utensils use the characteristics of silicone materials to assist other tools to protect the kitchen indirectly.

Now silicone products have penetrated into every corner of people’s lives.

1, Silicone kitchenware is resistant to high temperatures: applicable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in microwave ovens and ovens.

2, Silicone kitchenware is easy to clean: Silicone products produced by silica gel can be cleaned after washing in water, and can also be cleaned in a dishwasher.

3, Silicone kitchenware has a long life: the chemical properties of the silicone raw material are very stable, and the product made has a longer life than other materials.

4, Silicone kitchenware is soft and comfortable: Thanks to the softness of the silicone material, the silicone kitchenware is comfortable to the touch, extremely flexible, and does not deform.

5, Silicone kitchenware has various colors: according to the needs of customers, different beautiful colors can be deployed, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Types and benefits of silicone kitchenware?

1, Silicone cake mold, silicone ice tray, silicone egg fryer, silicone chocolate mold

Silicone is soft and easy to release, has high temperature, low temperature, and non-deformation characteristics, and can be arbitrarily designed into the shape you like made of silicone cake mold for high-temperature baking cakes, silicone ice tray for ice cubes, Iced Beverages.

silicone egg fryer can fry eggs into their favorite shape, silicone chocolate mold can be used to make a variety of shapes of chocolate.

2, Silicone spatula, Silicone shovel, Silicone Whisk, Silicone spoon, Silicone oil brush

Utilizing the stability, durability, and plasticity of silicone, cooking gadgets, spatulas, and spatulas can be used to make fruit salads, cream cakes, silicone egg beaters, and evenly stir the egg liquid. Silicone oil brushes are used to apply oil to food. No hair loss.

3, Silicone Bowl, Silicone Basin, Silicone Plate, Silicone Cup, Silicone Folding Bowl, Silicone Lunch Box

Using the soft characteristics of silicone, it will not deform or break. The silicone bowls, basins, cups, and other foods and drinks made from it are also excellent choices.

Silicone kitchen utensils are soft materials, so when making kitchen utensils, such as the materials used to make bowls, you don’t have to be afraid of falling. Like a ceramic bowl, one accidentally falls on the ground and breaks, but the silicone material does not.


Our company uses food-grade FDA and LFGB-standard special silicones as raw materials to produce kitchen utensils with diverse styles and unique designs. It is very popular with everyone. If you are interested in silicone kitchens, You can wholesale or buy here.

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