Are silicone lids safe to use? | how to use

Silicone lids are used to cover bowls, tins, pots, or other containers. This can help to keep the food fresh by the sealed interspace. The silicone stretch lids are flexible and tensile, we can use that the cover the containers to protect the food in them tightly, even the juice or other liquid won’t flow from the coved containers. So the silicone bowl covers can protect the food fresh and avoid the bacteria infection.

silicone lids

Are silicone lids safe to use?

These silicone stretch lids are durable and easy to clean for repeated use. People may ask are silicone lids safe to use? We want to reply the silicone lid is safe to use. We list the reasons as follows.

Use 100% food-grade silicone material.

The silicone lids use 100% food-grade silicone material. It’s non-toxic, free of BPA, and FDA-approved. It’s better than a disposable plastic film. No lead, vinyl, PVC, phthalates, or Bisphenol A (BPA). The silicone rubber lids are good for protecting our health. So they are safe to use.

Durable silicone lids reused thousands of times

The sturdy silicone lids are completely washable and reusable. The silicone protect lids are inert material and they can resist large-range temperature. They are safe to use in the Freezer. And safe to disinfect in boiled water. So the extremely clean silicone cover lids are better than plastic film. They are safe to use.

Seal tightly, keep food fresh

The silicone stretch lids are tensile and strong. They can cover the firm containers tightly. The silicone material remains non-slip on metal, glass, plastic, and other surfaces, The sealed package can keep food fresh, segregate peculiar in the freezer, and avoid bacteria infection. So the silicone lids are safe to use for food storage.

How to use silicone lids?

We can use the silicone lid cover and seal the rigid container to keep the foods fresh. The lids can help much in the following situations.

  • When cooking, half of the vegetables are used. We can use the silicone lids to store the rest fresh vegetables.
  • When making fruit juice, use half of the fruit. Then we can use the lids to store half of the fruits. If we throw the vegetable or fruit directly into the refrigerator. The fruit and vegetable cut surface will quickly be oxidized. The silicone lids can segregate the oxygen to reduce the oxidized speed.
  • When we cook the food and want to store half for the next meal. The food-safe silicone can help to keep food fresh, and the smelt won’t affect the freezer.
  • When there are many nuts, potato chips, and snacks need to be stored. The tensile lids can help to seal the snacks in the tins. Prevent moisture, and avoid dampness and softness.
  • Furthermore, silicon lids can also be used to store liquid drinks. The stretch lids can grasp the rim of bowls or bottles tightly. The leak-proof silicone stretch lids can keep the drinks fresh and good taste.

The silicone lid sets have 6 different sizes, and they are tensile. So they can cover most kitchen containers, like bowls, tins, bottles, and half orange, and watermelon.

After use, we can clean the silicone lids easily with the dishwasher, and disinfect the boiled water. So the silicone rubber lids are always safe to store the foods.

We are a silicon lids manufacturer, we offer high-quality products and OEM/ODM one-stop service. In this article, we reply are silicone lids safe to use and how to use them, and we also introduce the advantages. Welcome to your inquiry.

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