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If let us choose only one piece of cooking tool, we will suggest the silicone Spatula, because it’s multifunction and has too many advantages. The Spatula head has with very standard radian. The food-grade silicone is flexible and tough. It can easily scrape the cake or cream in the egg bowl completely.

The silicone can resist a large range of temperatures up to 480°F, we can use that to scoop up food in a hot pot, silicone baking mat, or oven. The silicone won’t melt and release harmful substances. The flexible spatula can protect the non-stick pots.

There are many questions, people may ask. Below we share some of the common problems of consumers. Is silicone spatula safe for cooking? What is the use of it? Are silicone spatulas good? What is it made of? What is a cake spatula called? What is the best silicone spatula?

What is the best silicone spatula?

There are two types of best silicone Spatulas, one is a one-piece silicone spatula and the other is a split spatula.

1, One-piece silicone spatula

The one-piece sile spatula is also known as a multi-function spatula. The one-piece spatula is the stainless steel inset inner of the handle, this can increase strength. Even when stirring the heavy pasty jam, the spatula is still very strong has good performance, and won’t break off.

These small silicone spatulas have high strength flexibility, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance. The spatula will not rust or melt when cooking at high temperatures. The one-piece silicone spatula below has an inclined design on the top and an ergonomic design on the handle.

Silicone rubber spatula big-size

2, Split silicone spatula

Split silicone Spatula, also known as Mini Spatula. It is specially designed when scraping foods from cans. With this, you can easily fetch out the peanut butter, jelly, jam, and mayonnaise from the cans and fill it on the food. The following split silicone spatulas are colorful. You can change the handle as you want. The silicone spatulas can help you much when you holding a party or home DIY cooking.

Note: The one-piece Spatula is generally supported by steel bars inserted in the handle, so it’s heavy, strong, and won’t bend on the handle. The split spatula mostly has a plastic or wood handle. Silicone is flexible, and plastic or wooden handle is rigid. The 2 in 1 design is practical, fancier, and lightweight to handle. But needs to be cleaned separately. Some home cooks can’t tolerate the problem of not being clean. Then we will suggest purchasing a one-piece silicone spatula, it’s easier to clean.

Silicone Spatulas for baking cooking mixing

Is silicone spatula safe for cooking?

Yes. The silicone spatula is safe for cooking.

1, GRAS material

The spatula is made of 100% food-grade silicone. It’s a synthetic silicone rubber that has been marked as a GRAS material by the US FDA. It’s non-toxic, free of BPA, and won’t release harmful substances even at high temperatures.

2, natural materials

People often confuse silicone with plastic. Because of its ductility, water-proof, and flexibility. Unlike petrochemical plastics, silicone is made from natural materials. Such as silica gel or quartz sand.

3, inert materials

Silicone is an inert material, and no harmful substance will be released into the food during use. Till now, there have been no reports of food security issues. The Silicone is also used for baby-feeding nipples. Some Medical silica gel is also used as breast implant plastic material. The silicone can keep up for several decades.

making cakes

4, Resist high-temperature

Silicone Spatulas can resist up to 500℉ (depending on the manufacturer). The normal cooking hot oil temperature range is 350℉ ~ 375℉. So the silicone spatulas are safe for cooking, stir-fry the food in the hot pots, baking mats, and baking molds.

So, it is safe to use the silicone spatula to do the cooking.

What is the use of silicone spatula?

A silicone spatula is an excellent tool for making cheesecakes, chocolate mousses, muffins, and tarts. Silicone spatulas can be used to wipe cheese, yellow cream, and other solid beverages, and mix ingredients. It’s safe to use in bread machines, microwaves, and ovens.

wipe cheese

1, stir the batter, mix the ingredients of the cake

The food batter usually contains flour, cereals, eggs, and other baking ingredients such as sugar, milk powder, and fat. We can mix them together with flexible and tough silicone spatulas.

2, Shaving batter

When moving the batter into the cake mold, only the silicone spatulas can shave the batter clean completely. The flexible spatula can scrape the smallest residue from the inside of the mixing bowl. Because the silicone edge is flexible.

3, Making cakes

A silicone Spatula is a great tool to pile up the batter and smooth the top. It’s also convenient to fill the cake material into the muffin pans, cupcake mold, or big-size cake mold. The silicone is non-stick and won’t absorb any fat, easy to make the cakes.

4, pick out the cake

We all know that small cakes are baked in the oven. Generally, you can use a silicone cake mold to shape the cake. After baking, it is also a good choice to move the cake to the desired position. The scraper head is soft, and won’t damage the shape of the cake!

5, Make Chocolate Mousse

When filling the chocolate mousse into the cake mold, we can smooth the surface layer of the evaporated milk with the non-stick silicone spatula, and make the flower branches decorate on chocolate mousse with silicone spatula.

Are silicone spatulas good?

Silicone Spatulas are good tools in the kitchen cabinet.

  1. The silicone spatula is waterproof and easy to clean and store. It’s easy to clean by the dishwasher.
  2. The silicone is extremely elastic, and soft, and has a good hand feel. It’s tough, not easy to change shape, and very strong.
  3. It’s durable and has a longer service life than other materials. It’s a multi-function.
  4. It can resist large-range temperatures: -40 to 500℉. The silicone spatula has good heat resistance and good performance during that.
  5. It has the characteristics of dust resistance, strong anti-aging, anti-fouling, non-adhesion, and non-penetration.

What is silicone spatula made of?

Silicone Spatulas are made of 100% food-grade silicone material, and it is approved by FDA safety certification standards.

Food-grade Silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloid material formed by condensation of silicic acid. Its main component is SiO2 · nH2O, the content is above 98%. The silicone is non-toxic, odorless, and has stable chemical properties. Under normal conditions, it will not react with any acid or base except corrosive and hydrofluoric acid. Because it is a colloidal structure, it has many pores and a large specific surface area.

The one-off silicone spatulas are inserted with stainless steel in the handle, which can strengthen the intention, and more convenient to use. The silicone brush is also used by the super-quality silicone. You can click on the photo for product details.

What is a cake spatula called?

Cake spatulas are also called silicone spatulas, cake spatulas, scrapers, pie knives, pie spatulas, crepe spatulas, cake slices, getters, or pie spatulas. Generally used to stir liquid ingredients such as batter, because the blade is flexible, you can scrape the ingredients that are stuck on the container easily.


Above we answer common questions. Is the silicone Spatula safe for cooking? What is the use of it? How is the silicone Spatula made? What is the name of the cake Spatula? What is the best silicone Spatula? You can see it is a practical baking tool, it can help to make cakes, and safe to cook food in hot pots.

In addition, we are a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality silicone kitchen utensils. We can provide super quality and cost price. Welcome to your inquiries.

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