Suction bowl | Necessary baby eating tool

At the stage when the baby is learning to eat, it is a headache for the mother, because the baby often knocks over the tableware and does not eat well. Choose a Suction Bowl that can be adsorbed on the table. The suction cup at the bottom of the bowl can be adsorbed on the surface of any object. Children will never spill around eating.

Silicone Bowl
Silicone Bowl

Overcome the danger of the baby eating on his own. The base is equipped with a suction cup, which can suck the bowl firmly on the table without worrying about the baby overturning and overturning the bowl to ensure the safety of the baby.

Of course, for babies, in addition to Suction bowls, you’d better prepare a bib, silicone spoon, and silicone placemat.

The silicone suction bowl is made of soft silicone without irritation to the baby’s body. The handle is designed to be non-slip. Place the suction bowl flat on a flat and smooth tabletop, and gently press the suction bowl with your hand to fix it automatically to the table; The suction is removed by pulling the decompression sheet.

As your baby grows, you can remove the suction cup on the bottom. The suction bowl with a lid is cleverly designed for more insulation.

Silicon bowl advantages

The silicone material is very suitable for hand-baby dinnerware.

1, It belongs to non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and does not harm the human body.

2, The silicone material is soft and safe, and will not cause damage.

3, The color is bright and the appearance is good. No matter the color or style, they are more like it.

Cleaning method

Before use, rinse with water and put it into boiling water for disinfection for 2-3 minutes. It can also be washed clean.

There is dinnerware of various materials on the market, which can’t be careless for the health of the baby. Silicone dinnerware is not only attractive to the baby in color, but also a variety of creative designs can also stand out from other dinnerware.


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    The suction cup is so functional that it attaches easily to a high chair or table, allowing my baby to feed himself without worrying about the utensils slipping.thanks.

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    I like this info shown and it has given me some sort of commitment to succeed for some reason, so thank you.

  4. At a cheap price, this is a good value for money. I have not used suction cups because I hold the bowls, but they are strong enough that the baby cannot tip over. They are easy to clean, and I don’t store food myself, but I think it’s good.

  5. Cheap price, high suction power, it is really difficult to just pick up the suction power from the table, lol, I always have to slide it to the edge of the table to remove it. .I got new plates, they are easy for me to take off the table, but not for my kids.

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