The advantages and usage of silicone bakeware

The use of silicone bakeware can not only make muffins and cakes, but also make gelatin, single cheesecake, single brownie cake, and other delicious desserts and snacks, making silicone pans an essential baking utensil in any kitchen.

silicone bakeware
silicone bakeware


1, safety

The silicone bakeware uses 100% food-grade silicone, they are non-toxic and free of BPA. We can pour the baking food liquid material into the silicone pans or molds. The silicone is safe to contact the food. So there are also the fantasies of snake mold to DIY cake, getting the shapes we want. At the glass-fiber-reinforced silicone baking mat, the foods can get the temperature uniformly, so the cakes can be cooked in the perfect shape.

Liquid and solid silicone raw materials
High-temperature resistance

2, Heat resistance

silicone baking mold
silicone baking mold

Resist large-range temperature -40 ~ 230 ℃, can be used in dishwashers, microwave ovens, freezers, and refrigerators.

3, Non-Stick

Silicone bakeware is made of silicone rubber created from a mixture of bonded silicon and oxygen. Heat is applied to set the silicone into shape during the manufacturing process and the curing process. We use high-glossy technology to produce silicone products. The silicone bakeware is non-stick and easy to move away from the foods with no residual.

Non-stick Silicone Baking Cups
Non-stick Silicone Baking Cups

4, Durable

The silicone bakeware is made of food-safe silicone rubber, that is injected into a high-strength metal mold. The silicone is an inert material. The one-step silicone product is durable and can be reused thousands of times.

silicone baking mold
Durable silicone bakeware

5, price cheap

Now, you can choose a silicone bakeware you like here, the factory shares the wholesale price, and the price is very cheap.

We can provide a high-quality one-stop service, with no middlemen. Don’t need large quantities of orders, can enjoy competitive prices, have a large inventory for tracking orders and market testing, and welcome small and medium wholesalers to inquire.

How To Use It?

Reusable silicone bakeware can provide excellent versatility in the kitchen, In addition, to baking, these colorful cups can also be used to hold snacks, children’s candy or sprinkle other foods when decorating cookies and cakes.

1, Before use, please clean and dry them completely. Silicone is not sticky, before baking, we can spray some oil, no oil is also fine.
2, After baking, please remove the mold from the oven, and then put it into the baking rack until the mold is completely cooled. Silicone molds can only be used in ovens and microwave ovens, they are not used in gas and fire.
3, After use, please wash it with hot water and diluted food detergent, or put it in the dishwasher. Do not use corrosive detergent or foam cleaning power.
4, Before storing, please make sure the silicone mold is dry.


A small amount of odor is normal before first use. You can boil it for 3-5 minutes to remove the odor. Do not use knives or other sharp tools on the non-stick baking mold to avoid pressure. Do not use cold water immediately after taking it out of the oven. Clean. This helps extend the life of your silicone bakeware.

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