Which teether is best for baby?

Purchase according to material:

There are many types of teethers, most of which are soft silicone teethers, followed by wood teethers and rubber teethers. The most suitable for babies to use is silicone teether, because it is made of food-grade silicone, the material is soft to chew without hurting the gums, it is PBA-free, safe and non-toxic, and will not harm your baby’s health.

Purchase according to usage:

There are many types of silicone teether, including pacifier teether, vocal teether, animal teether, etc. for different purposes. Baoma can buy it according to the specific purpose.

1, pacifier teether: The shape is similar to a pacifier, it can massage the gum next to the teeth, suitable for babies over 3 months old.

2, sounding teether: the teether that can make noises can attract the baby’s attention. At the same time, the soft gelatinous surface can gently massage the gums and reduce the discomfort and itching of the milk teeth. It is suitable for babies over 4 months old.

3, animal teether: usually can be used as a molar toy to train biting ability, the material is hard, suitable for babies over 6 months old.

4, Glove Teether: Teething Glove is an innovative baby teething glue, which can effectively help babies solve the bad habit of chewing and biting their fingers and protect their small hands from scratches. It is suitable for babies over 6 months old.

5, Molar stick gutta: Convex design massages the gums, with holes in the middle that are soft and flexible, protecting the baby’s teeth and eyes, suitable for babies over 6 months old.

6, pendant teether: as a sensory chew toy, it can provide oral sensory sensitivity for children and adults with hyperactivity, autism, anxiety and SPD, making them more focused, suitable for babies over 3 years old.

Purchase according to age:

Incisor period (6-12 months): Choose a gutta-percha that is easy for your baby’s small hands to grasp. The ring-shaped gutta-percha is more suitable for newborn babies to grasp. The material should be softer to avoid harming the baby’s delicate mouth.

Canine tooth period (12 to 24 months): It is recommended to choose a teether with a soft and hard chewing surface. It is better to have a richer shape and can be used as a toy for your baby. Teethers that can be stored in the refrigerator are recommended for better relieving teething pain.

Molar period (24 to 30 months): To choose the shape of the teether that fits the palm of the baby of this age, consider those with a sense of design that can help distract the baby and reduce teething discomfort.


Teether is not disposable, it can be recycled. Therefore, it is easier to breed bacteria, and it must be strictly disinfected and cleaned before and after use for the baby, It can be disinfected by boiling for 1 minutes.

Baby Deer Teether
Teether boiling disinfection

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  1. I am going to buy teether for my 8-month-old baby, and the silicone material is a good choice.

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