How to clean silicone straws?

Silicone straws are food-safe, chewable, and reusable. We should clean them every day for daily use. A good cleaning brush and correct methods are important to clean straws, prevent mildew, and protect our health.

Choose the suit brushes

Sharp tools make good work. The suit pipe brush is very important to clean the narrow silicone straws. There are tips for choosing the brush to clean the silicone straws.

  • Stainless steel brush handle, durable, and no rust.
  • The brush is made of high-density nylon, with good elasticity and no hair loss.
  • The bristles are spiral-shaped and in good contact with the pipe wall of the straw. The straw can be washed more clearly.
  • Choose an appropriate length of bristles to clean the straw. The bristle’s OD is bigger than the inner OD of the straw. The brush’s total length is larger than the silicone straw.
  • Buy the foldable brush to pack together with the collapsible silicone straws in the capsule case. It’s the best choice good for travel.

You can purchase the silicone straw from us. That already matches suit pipe brushes and portable cases.

Straws Clean steps and tips

Before cleaning, we should prepare clean tools and materials:

  • Hot water.
  • Dish soap, and baking soda.
  • Suit straw brush.

Start to clean the silicone straw

  1. Clean the straws ASAP after using the silicone straw. So the stuff won’t be hard and stick to the straws. To do this. We can use the running water to flush through the inner of the silicone tube for half a minute. Then use the pipe cleaner to brush the inner of the silicone straws. That can flush the most drinking residue.
  2. When there’s much juice or grease stuck on the tube, we can add dish soap to the straw brush to do the cleaning again. Don’t forget to clean the openings and outside of the silicone straws.
  3. Soak in the baking soda and vinegar to soften the hard stuff, then do a complete cleaning for the hard stuff.
  4. When done with the cleaning, run the straw under the hot water to flush out the remaining soap or baking soda.
  5. Besides the normal cleaning, sometimes we can disinfect the silicone straw in steam or boiled water. This can help to prevent bacterial and mildew breeds.
  6. After cleaning, we should erect the silicone straws to dry them. Then pack in the case.

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